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#PulseChain – Market Report #44 – 💲 CAN THIS MEMECOIN 1000X!? 💲 – Passive Income Crypto Tech ETH 2.0

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Market Report #44

🟢 Video Contents 🟢

00:00 – Intro
01:09 – Market Report
05:28 – News
11:12 – 1000x?
20:18 – Comment of the day
30:34 – Outro

PRT Token address: 0x89130eCf4044E3E12992FEcCF354F26F8e96D3C7
PulseX Contract Address: 0x07895912f3AB0E33aB3a4CEFbdf7a3e121eb9942

PulseChain TestNet V2B Links
🧬Test delegating your stake
🧬PulseX V2B Interface
🧬Stake testHEX
🧬Sacrifice Checker

*All opinions, technical analysis and reviews are my own and for entertainment purposes only, nothing in this video is to be taken as financial advice as I am not a licensed financial advisor. Please DYOR and NEVER risk more than you can afford to lose in crypto*



  1. 🟢 Todays Video Contents 🟢
    00:00 – Intro
    01:09 – Market Report
    05:28 – News
    11:12 – 1000x?
    20:18 – Comment of the day
    30:34 – Outro

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  2. Great information
    Pulsechain address =

  3. Being a noob last year and opening up several wallets inc mm I can’t recall going through this process of keys.
    I only remember seeing a public address (key)
    Still seeking clarification on this subject

  4. Wait BSC tokens get copied to pulse chain as well? Thought the BSC was a separate chain/fork of eth. Thus forking ETH doesn't copy bsc as its a separate entity.

  5. How do I get P33 if I've never used BSC before? I've never used a bridge and it all seems kinda confusing tbh

  6. I understood all about private keys etc but didn’t think about regional blocking of MetaMask etc so I now realize th e importance of having a copy of private keys. A VPN could help also with geo blocking.

  7. If you bought a phone and just used it for crypto and didn’t worry about a hardware wallet because there a pain in the arse , would you be 100% safe ?

    Providing you didn’t go on a fake website or clicked on a bad link ?

  8. I have the same question a lot of people are asking. I have a ledger nano x I have been wanting to put all my crypto on but I have not done so yet because I’m scared I won’t receive my erc-20 copies. I can’t find anyone to answer this question for me. Please help so I can better secure my assets. Thanks.

  9. how is this a memecoin when its launching with full blockchain product and smart contract capability?

  10. Another awesome video, thanks!
    One question: any chance to elaborate on the future of PRT token in terms of being a potential stable coin since there have been no success early on? Thanks in advance!

  11. there's a few good pulse commentators but your the best in my opinion. keep up the good work

  12. Ok so you can't buy pls right now, you can earn plsx by sacrificing pls you have previously bought? And when it launches you WILL be able to buy pls/plsx directly? Idk it's very confusing to me, is there a vid that explains it or can someone please tell me wtf is going on with pulse?

  13. Thx so much 😊 can you do a video on the erc 20 tokens and how they are copied .. but I don’t understand which ones to get off the exchange and into metamask ie the ones in diffferent chains but we can move to metamask ie polygon? And you mentioned Binance smart chain ? Ie if I have bnb on an exchange , if I move it to metamask will it get copied ? Thx

  14. Hey PA…could you go over moving liquid HEX, PLS, PLSX, HEDRON & MAXI to a Ledger account?
    ❤ your channel!!

  15. Before the first video I did not understand the importance of the private key, so thanks for highlighting it! And while it was (I’m sure) frustrating to be told you don’t know what you’re talking about I’m glad you covered it twice more because I learned something each time!


  16. Do you have a link to that site that had all of the sacrafice balances for all the coins on Pulse network?

    It had Pulse, PulseX, Liquid Loans, Mintra, Power city, Hedron, and the others

  17. Thank You for your hard work in bringing us this very useful information. The key information was very useful for me.

  18. I've tried validators and they suck. The rate of return is poor, they drop out of rotation eventually. Its better than holding in your wallet. However, liquidity pools are offering 100's% (at least), with the risk of circa 20% impermanent loss. Why not just add say 20% of your stack to liquidity and leave it permanently as an earner? The risk to reward seems amazing and seems to negate the impermanent loss risk? 0x1107461047817332781048209430208118008883

  19. I also store my keys online in encrypted files. But I add a final layer of safety – I transpose words and swap the order of numbers in a way that only I know about. For example ABCDEFG might be types as a CBADEFG. I know to swap the A and the C, but someone hacking into my keys would not.

  20. Dumb question here about the contest: Is there a way to set up the RPC PLS settings for mainnet? Just want to make sure I am sharing the right address for the PLS giveaway contest. Thanks for the patience with the questions and the video explanation of the private key again!

  21. Thanks again!

    I haven’t used the binance blockchain yet, might have a dabble with p33. Once mainnet launches and I want the binance tokens on pulsechain, is it just a case of bridging any binance tokens through pulseramp?


  22. So the MetaMask pass phrase doesn’t follow the BIP39 standard ? I guess that’s the key technical question.

    You can for example use the seed phrase from a trezor on a ledger I believe as they follow the bip39 standard.

  23. As usual, very informative video, it’s the first time I’m hearing about Pulse33 will keep an eye on that, thanks! 0xf7577b736B0338Ba3c1e82476242e9c49Aed5669

  24. It’s great that most people in RH coins … get politics better than most

  25. Another good one! Will be interesting to see how P33 develops as MainNet nears. I do have a question regarding the 1:1 copies of ETH tokens on PulseChain: will actual ETH copy over as PLS or would you suggest converting most of it to HEX? Thanks!

  26. Thx for this info,really interesting project especially if it comes from the people that made freepulse

  27. Good morning!! GREAT HEX PUMP! once RH announces the final V3 tesnet HEX will pump above ATH!! Have a great day 😀….. 0x7CcB347379D577f1F6FA91F18edDE89FE8dDFD1e

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