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Quick Kadena News 25/11 | Wallet competition heating up, Mints, Games, NFTs, updates & more | Kadena

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Quick Kadena News from 25/11

As soon as I upload we get new info, I know I have missed some 😉 Wallets are starting to move, Black Friday Mints, Website updates, AMAs and more. A lot is happening. Spread PoW joy. Lago also gave new updates & check out the Kadena Artwork AMA! Have fun!
By the way, I’m happy about feedback 😉

🔸Docushield Discord: https://discord.gg/a6QjdEtaxk

🔸Docushield Tweet: https://twitter.com/Docushield/status/1595172489016930304

🔸MintIt tweet: https://twitter.com/MintItOnKadena/status/1596082629811458048

🔸MintIt website: https://mintit.studio/

🔸Arkade website: https://www.arkade.fun/

🔸Arkade Discord: https://discord.gg/arkadefun

🔸KadenaCommunity tweet: https://twitter.com/KadenaCommunity/status/1595794358023979009

🔸xscan website: https://xscan.io/

🔸kdastats: https://kdastats.io/

🔸Hypercent tweet: https://twitter.com/hypercentpad/status/1595746879584800770

🔸Hypercent: https://app.hypercent.io/

🔸Wizards Arena: https://www.wizardsarena.net/

🔸KDA Blocks tweet: https://twitter.com/kdablocks/status/1595473350050172930

🔸KDA Blocks Medium: https://medium.com/@korblockchain/blocks-649dd875e843

🔸KOR Twitter: https://twitter.com/KorBlockchain

🔸KOR website: korblockchain.io

🔸KMC tweet: https://twitter.com/KDAMiningClub/status/1596141668352278529

🔸KDA Builders Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/KDABuildersClub

🔸Full Spend Mining Twitter: https://twitter.com/FullSpendYC

🔸KadenaHashing tweet: https://twitter.com/KadenaHashing/status/1594763508595687424

🔸Kadena Ecosystem Twitter: https://twitter.com/KadenaEcosystem

🔸Kaddex Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaddeXofficial

🔸Linx tweet: https://twitter.com/LinxWallet/status/1595742823764090885

🔸Kazora tweet: https://twitter.com/playkazora/status/1596187868019712000

🔸Kazora Discord: https://discord.gg/4gZfAWeY

🔸Eslabon tweet: https://twitter.com/EslabonNetwork/status/1596141998775603200

🔸Eucalyptus Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/EucLabs

🔸DocumentingBTC tweet: https://twitter.com/DocumentingBTC/status/1595752468138364928

🔸LightRider5 tweet: https://twitter.com/LightRider5/status/1596155406799503361

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Time’s running out 🙁

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  1. nice I made it into the news ! 😀 yea creating a tax report of your crypto transactions, esspecially with a lot of transactions can be time affordable, we have no gas fees so over 1000 transaction only in the kadena eco are possible 😀

    keep it on noah ! 🙂

  2. Where are the dapps , im talking about projects that are not nfts. Nft projects are just money grabs and trying to rinse us of every penny

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