Quick PUMP for XRP before a DROP? Short term XRP price prediction… Ripple XRP Technical Analysis

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Should you buy XRP now? Or is there an XRP crash coming? In This video I talk a look at the daily XRP analysis and share my thoughts on the XRP price. Is XRP 10k enough or do you need more XRP now before the XRP lawsuit is over?

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  1. re whale wallets. ita only drop 90 wallets out of 2200 wallets? I understand most are lost wallets from 2011 but still moat active wallets are simply just holding as -90 wallets is not significant

  2. Love T&A! Xrp low for 52 weeks is 28cents. You mentioned 23-26cents !!?? That’s extremely low for this token

  3. Xrp is not a pump and dump coin. It has never ever behaved like one. It's a slow stable moving coin. Even with all the good news and bad news the price is not affected like other coins. It is the best coin for this reason. Yes it will take longer to go to ATH but it will remain there for longer periods and won't be affected by massive whales jumping in or out. That's because XRP has a great system. The escrow can be used to stabilize the price. Xrp not your average crypto

  4. Someone is manipulating the price to liquidate the shorts. XRP can't pump without news or BTC pumping, someone is pulling the threads.

  5. I think when it comes to xrp the ta goes out the window. Once this sec case concludes everything you just said in this video is gonna be complete opposite

  6. Find it interesting that XRP is now making a move without needing BTC going up! And at this very moment we even crossed $0,376

  7. It blows my mind how different countries have different RSI because I’m in korea and the RSI on the weekly is low and the daily is low but where you’re on finance you say it’s high I can’t understand

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