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RadFi 2022 Key Moments – Blockchain Tech Highlights w/ Piers Ridyard – CEO of RADIX DLT- XRD

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The crypto experience whether you’re a user a developer or an entrepreneur is I’m going to show you a web 3 user experience that is so magically delicious that it feels like using the future join us today you’re still early but not for long that gentleman you just

Saw is Piers Rudyard he’s the CEO of Radix recently he gave an amazing presentation called radfi it was incredible informative and about an hour long so I’m gonna pull out the most important highlight and show you the blockchain technology why it is monumentally faster easier to build on

And more secure than every other chain out there but Radix didn’t stop there on top of this they upgraded the user experience to rival Apple pay no more clunky seed phrases contract addresses and missing assets it’s the web 3 experience we all dream of and in my second video Matthew Hines their Chief

Product officer will walk you through an amazing demo of this technology if you want to skip over and see that demo video just click up here or wait till the end and I’ll link you over because once you see the brilliant elegant design of everything on Radix you’re

Going to want to dive much much deeper but before I do that there is something crucial I want to explain I’m about to show you a completely game-changing blockchain you’re probably going to wonder why you haven’t heard about it yet and the answer is quite simple it

Isn’t live yep the full stack solution known as Radix 10 years in the making won’t be live until the summer of 2023 which is why he said you’re still early and guess what early means it means money I was an I.T student during the.com boom there were numerous search

Engines competing like Yahoo Alta Vista ask jeez excite and lycos then in 1998 Google came out with a radically better search engine it had a page rank algorithm that gave you great results every time it had a home page that was clean and easy to use by 2002 just four

Years later Google had taken over 70 percent of all internet searches the race was over and Google had won despite the massive lead that their competitors had then in 2004 Google had their IPO and if you bought a thousand dollars in Google stock back then you’d have 25

Grand right now but what if you could have gotten in earlier before Google was even live well Jeff Bezos did he put 250 thousand dollars in into Google back in 1998 and that investment today is worth over 1.5 billion dollars oh the value of being early now listen none of this is

Financial advice but I’m going to flat out tell you Radix is the only token I am buying this year it checks every box needed to become the mainstream crypto network of the future I’m talking the one your parents can use without even realizing they’re using crypto there’s

An elephant in the room which is not being talked about the crypto experience whether you’re a user a developer or an entrepreneur is I remember the first terrifying moment the IU’s metamar I click confirm and I was not sure if I had successfully made a transaction with

Uni swap or had just lost all of my money will your mom ever be able to remember to write down a seed phrase not a chance I see developers spending countless hours trying to make sure that their decentralized application is secure only to wake up one day and

Realize North Korea has stolen 600 million dollars of their users funds I see entrepreneurs grind to find a user base and then be cut off at the knees by congestion and fees take a moment to really reflect on your last 24 months of defy and ask yourself if what I am

Saying isn’t true well is it look you become used to The Strange World of web3 it’s normal to Blind sign a transaction and hope for the best it’s normal to watch gas fees go parabolic when an nft becomes popular normal for us but not for the seven and a half billion people

We all talk about onboarding into crypto he’s right they aren’t going to store complex seed phrases and get their 500 000 nfts scammed out of their wallets if it doesn’t work as well or better than Apple pay if it isn’t secure and simple forget it speaking of simple there’s a

Simple little thumb button down below this video and it would mean the world to me if you clicked it and while you’re down there that shiny red subscribe button is mighty enticing okay so we know defy sucks right now yet we all keep dreaming about Mass adoption are we

Delusional how many people do you know personally who regularly use web3 and D5 probably less than a handful why because web3 and D5 needs to become actually usable first in order to truly achieve our vision of making D5 and web3 mainstream we now realized the entire stack consensus execution programming

And user experience all had to be built together and suddenly we saw how to do it he’s exactly right when ethereum was released nfts didn’t even exist in fact tokens other than eth didn’t exist wallets barely existed what we use today is a group of separately designed technologies that have been patched

Together to make a semi-workable solution but that’s just not going to cut it these cobbled together Technologies are clunky frustrating and way too easy to hack so Radix put the whole stack together I’m going to skip the tech heavy part where he explains the consensus mechanism of the Radix

Blockchain I’ll leave a link in the description down below if you want to go deeper on this it’s absolutely mind-blowing but I’ll simplify it by telling you that Radix spent over a decade testing their base layer and built it all to work together it is the fastest Network out there with unlimited

Scalability and that’s just the base layer next we get to talk about the engine that runs it all in the early 90s the computer game industry was just getting started but there was a big problem so much work was needed to get the basics of A game running that only about

20 percent of the developers time was actually spent on building the gameplay the rest custom rendering engines custom physics engines and bugs lots of bugs it took the invention of a game engine to revolutionize the game industry game engines took care of the standardizable low-level stuff that every game depended

On the bugs got way smaller and less hairy and the games got larger and more complex Radix has applied these lessons to decentralize finance and web 3. we’ve taken all of the hard low-level work that web3 and D5 developers on other platforms are spending eighty percent of their time worrying about and

Simply removed it we also studied how people were hacking applications built on public networks like ethereum we then designed the Radix engine to make many of these attacks impossible did you realize that a smart contract on ethereum doesn’t know what a token is nope it doesn’t know what a token is

What an nft is or anything about them literally you have to code these in each and every smart contract it’s like ethereum only gave you those flat tiny Lego blocks sure you can build something great by combining millions of them together but wouldn’t your design be a

Whole lot easier to build more creative and more stable if you got some of the other shapes too Radix gives developers a full library of parts and that’s still on the engine wait till you hear about the programming language scripto is the world’s first programming language built specifically for the

Needs of web3 scripto makes defy nfts tokens and liquidity pools all core to the language it treats asset security as a primary function not an afterthought it makes digital assets feel like physical objects over a year and a half we showed nearly a thousand developers and we’ve

Had some incredible feedback as a Google software engineer this has to be one of the best programming languages I’ve seen yet I have programmed in solidity plutus on cardano and the fee language on ethereum and I can guarantee you that scripto is the best I’ve had in my hands

That’s what happens when you design tools that provide the absolute shortest path from idea to implementation the real proof of success is in the applications that the community has already built decentralized exchanges of every stripe oracles lending platforms yield farming systems Dows everything needed to run a fully fledged defy

Ecosystem system already exists in open source code all before smart contracts are even live look I’m not going to stand up here and pretend I’m a software engineer but I’ve coded two different tokens and four nft Collections and I know firsthand that solidity the language driving ethereum and polygon sucks

And I can tell you just from playing around with Radix a little bit that yes it is radically better it’s fast intuitive and secure leading to high functioning cutting-edge dapps decentralized exchanges that run like centralized exchanges order books Futures markets trading Bots trailing stop losses and all the stuff that drove

The money out of binance and FTX oh yeah and new apps probably means new tokens and airdrops I’ll make sure to update you on any Radix airdrops as they start to show up all you have to do is take my airdrop master class at getmyfreecrypto.com it was 97 bucks but

It’s free for the moment so hurry now on top of all this did you realize that the clunky programming languages result in most projects spending 80 percent or more of their time on security but not Radix you’re gonna see web 3 digital assets that truly merge with the real

World but there’s one big hurdle left for that to happen and this is where it starts to get really juicy I I have a second video where Matthew Hein Radix Chief product officer transports you into the world of web 3 on Radix with a full-scale demo you’ll get to see how

Easy and fun the Radix wallet is to use creating a truly revolutionary web 3 experience for new users it’s like nothing else out there you need to see it to believe it so click up here and follow me down the rabbit hole I’m going

Key moments from RadFi 2022 featuring CEO Piers Ridyard as he discusses the transformational tech of RADIX.

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Piers Ridyard CEO of Radix recently gave an amazing presentation called RadFi, explaining why this Layer 1 Chain is so radically different from everything else in crypto.

It was incredible, informative… and about an hour long, so I made 2 short videos, showing the highlights.

To see the video on the user experience with Matthew Hine, click the link below.

This one is focused specifically on the blockchain tech. The speed, scalability, and security.

I’m going to pull the most important highlights, so you can see what you’re missing out on before it’s too late.

Want to see the full 1-hour RADIX RadFi 2022???

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0:00 – The Crypto Experience… Is S*#T
0:18 – Intro to Piers Ridyard & RadFi
1:27 – Early = Money
3:04 – Why Crypto Sucks?
3:58 – Major Problems W/ DeFi
4:50 – Rebuilding The Entire Stack
5:18 – Crypto = Patchwork
6:08 – The RADIX Engine
7:24 – Smart Contracts Aren’t Smart
8:04 – Scrypto – RADIX Software
9:24 – RADIX Airdrops
11:00 – I’m Goin Radical!

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  1. radix need to make their marketing more lively, their website need to be update with some 3D images..more future looks…to convince younger developers they need to be on top of the competitions. not just explaining the tech. young users and developers fascinated by how your claim and what tou can deliver.

  2. Holy moly, this must have been the best 10 min video on Radix that i've ever seen. It really creates this "next Ethereum" vibe. Gonna share it with multiple telegram groups and twitter accounts. Thank you sir.

  3. I still dont get it why the mainstream dont open up for technology like this? I guess they are just not ready for real thing..those blockchain still want to have problems in their product so that they can scam users

  4. This is the best kind of content imo, where you can easily see authentic passion for a topic in the quality of the video, huge props ser.

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