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Ranking Osmosis, Stargaze, Celestia, Injective, Evmos & MANY more Cosmos Projects!

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  1. Surprised to see Diffusion so low. Uni style DEX with active farms. Rebus also just did an airdrop and are active on social

  2. On the Akash you tube channel there is a video published yesterday on how Akash and Secret is being used by the US military to manage classified data

  3. Are you kidding man – you put Band Protocol in – D – man – this is the only oracle which has very commited team and working products – just do your research on Band Protocol it should be in – S – to my oppinion as it is working team is building and has a huge support – not to mention that it is also on coinbase and partnered with google cloud which you can also see on google cloud official youtube

  4. Band protocol should have a better position alternative of chainlink developp on Atom…At least for diversification in this category the project should have a better position

  5. The list should be named " The projects who paid Cito and Liam the most money to Shill". Stars is a crap coin crap projects selling useless NFT's. I believe in big 3. Atom, Juno, Osmosis. Then Evmos & Nomic could be biggest game changer in the IBC.

  6. Lol, stars is an A but Evmos is a B? Get outta town. Evmos will prolly be the only one on here to do 100x

  7. Is gnoland here?can't seem to see it,also I don't think these list represents the tokens themselves since many good projects have bad tokenomics like dydx

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