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Raptr Crypto – How to buy Raptr Coin (Philosoraptor) on Pancakeswap

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How to buy Raptr Coin (Philosoraptor Crypto) on pancakeswap

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Thanks for watching my video on how to buy Raptr Coin using the pancakeswap exchange

Raptr Coin is meme based, hasn’t been listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko yet, and according to analysis, this is another potential gem and it’s literally cheap right now.

Over 2800+ holders right now (this is the perfect time to enter as not alot of eyes have seen this)

I made this video step by step to show those of you who are beginners and want to learn how you can purchase this crypto

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****Disclaimer/Note: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advise, DYOR (do your own research)


– Bscscan.com (For BSC contract/token details)

Thanks for watching my video on how to buy raptr coin also know as the Philosoraptor token/crypto through pancakeswap


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  1. Why is there two coins?

  2. I bought them 2 days ago through Pancakeswap with TrustWallet but I can't see them in my wallet. I already added the token to TrustWallet and they didn't show up. What can I do?

  3. I had already done buying moonstorm, but its not showing in my trust wallet, please help bro

  4. Cool video, and once i bought it when i should be able to see mt Raptr and how i will be able to sell it? Sorry, i'm new here…

  5. This is the wrong contact, make sure u use the new contract!!

  6. I can’t connect my wallet on pancake swap it says that no provider was found how to fix thia issue??

  7. Great video. I bought some one hour ago but it hasn’t shown up in my wallet yet. Is there an estimated wait time?

  8. I bought the RAPTR coin, however it is not showing on my Trust Wallet. How can I get it to show there?

  9. I followed the old contract based from your video. Then realized in the comments that it has a new address. I seem cannot swap the old one to BNB. Is there a way to swap it back in order to buy the new contract?

  10. I get an error when processing the swap. Its says "pending" for a while and then fails to swap.
    Any ideas?

  11. Hi! When im on pancake swap and want to connect to smartchain i dont see that option, what do i do? I can only connect to Metamask, Trustwallet, Math wallet, Tokenpocket, Walletconnect, Chainwallet and Safepal wallet:(

  12. It shows in my trustwallet, but does not show a value? but does show a value when I try to reswap to bnb on pancakeswap.

  13. This looks like a scam, the contract in his is different, I have 0xf9A3FdA781c94942760860fc731c24301c83830A Added through Pancake swap but did not add to trust wallet and that was yesterday.

  14. Hello! So I bought the coin on pancake swap! On pancake swap it says i have coins but in my trust wallet it doesn’t pop up, can you help me out mate?

  15. RAPTOR RELAUNCHED Sunday !!!! Make sure you are using the right contract when purchasing…. I advise you guys to join the telegraph as they have the real contract and your not being fineness

  16. So it's been 20 hrs since I purchased using pancakeswap. Same way I did to buy safemoon. When I look in my metamask wallet, it says the value of RAPTR is $0.00. How is that possible? Could someone explain to me please? Thanks in advance

  17. Hey mate, I’ve bought raptor coin and it’s stuck on the waiting for confirmation screen, it says confirm this transaction in your wallet, do I have to do anything or just wait ?

  18. Mario coins is where it’s at. Held its value since the 80’s. Just as real as this nonsense, invest in your food supply and your kids, nvm all this grabbler nonsense.

  19. my money isnt showing up in trust wallet after withdrawing it from binance how long does it take usually?

  20. I added raptr but they don’t show in the wallet. If i want to change them back on pancakeswap it appears that i have , but on the main page from the wallet with all coins it’s not appear

  21. It’s been around 2 hours since I made the purchase and it still hasn’t entered my TrustWallet account yet, how long does it take?

  22. why does my raptr coins not show up in my trust wallet after successfully purchasing them

  23. You using the wrong contract address
    This is the right one 0xf9a3fda781c94942760860fc731c24301c83830a

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