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RDC Practicing for Game Against AMP on NBA 2k23

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  1. I just started a gaming channel and I would deeply appreciate if anyone has the time to check out some of my vids. If you would like me to check out your channel or would like me to play a certain game, just comment on my channel and let me know. Hope you all have a blessed day!!!

  2. Mark Shoot Mid Range Bro Hit One of them 2 Pointer Shot’s Quit taken Lay Ups every time and Nigga Quit Jumping To Early Bro’s

  3. Bro did y’all not catch when mark said he gonna practice more and be ready to play in less than a week but he has to buy a ps5 😂 that mean all y’all gotta start over and play as 85 overall with like 3 badges 😂😂😂 that’s a even worst ass whooping, AMP already locked and loaded 😂😂

  4. Duke finna get a triple double on them, Kai finna shoot, Davis snatching ankles. They got Chris and agent idk who on laying tbh and Fanum decent I guess

  5. Bro I love dem boys but LITERALLY EVERYBODY on AMP started they channel wit 2k😂😂😂and chat cookin mark for making a 5’8 guard 4 weeks after he made shows how dumb that build was💀💀💀💀and no defense is crazy

  6. i know video games are fun af when you so trash you dont even know how trash you are lmaooo reminds me of playing games as a kid

  7. Mark be talking about everybody else’s performance but nigga had 2 points 🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. It’s honestly entertaining to watch even tho they are terrible at the game lol. you can tell basketball is not their thing but I respect them for playing thru and not getting mad at each other or quitting, they still are able to have fun even tho they losing lol

  9. Are they playing on Mouse and Keyboard? Might be the worse combined performance that I’ve seen in a sports game. You’d think they don’t like basketball. They ALL gotta understand their players better and the general controls before their gonna be able to compete fr.

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