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Welcome to our Reddit NFT Video!

When playing Max Quest, you will be fighting against different deities that ancient Egyptians worshipped and get cash prizes while doing so. You will also hunt reanimated creatures such as mummies and scarabs while going deeper into the pyramids of Egypt. However, one of the battles you should be worried of while playing is your fight against Ra, the god of sun. He is as frightening and wrathful as the ancient Egyptians described him.

Graphics and Sounds
Right off the bat, you will see that Betsoft paid close attention to detail when it came to the design of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. There is a 3D recreation of what the Egyptian pyramids look like from within. The colors of the game are bright and vivid to capture your attention while playing.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Screenshot 1Instead of symbols spinning around the game’s reels, you will be seeing different enemies walking around the tombs. These are reanimated enemies that look cool but are quite creepy as well.

Small foes like the Scarab Hatchling, Shadow Scarab, Golden Tomb Scrabbler, and Ruby Crypt Watcher flock the screen. There are also human-like creatures such as the Wrapped Minion, Wrapped Shadowguard, Wrapped Spiritguard, Crimson Bataanta, and Emerald Bataanta as well. You will also be heading against a huge adversary called the Tahawy Warrior as you play. You should know that all these are the standard enemies in Max Quest.

Each enemy you will face was designed in detail so that you will know the difference of each character from another. For instance, you will instantly distinguish the difference of the Crimson Bataanta from the Emerald Bataanta as these two have a bright red color and aqua green color, respectively. Also, you will see that all your foes have varying sizes.

As you play Max Quest, the slot’s upbeat Egyptian background music will make you feel like you are really in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Meanwhile, the slot’s sound effects such as falling coins and the grunting mummies will entice you to keep shooting at your enemies.

Betsoft made Max Quest’s mechanics different from other Bitcoin slots. The title has neither reels nor paylines. Instead, the game lets you shoot enemies off the screen to win coins.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Screenshot 2As you start the Max Quest slot, an avatar customization screen will welcome you. You have to input a unique username and customize your avatar. When creating your avatar, you can choose from five preset looks, 10 preset frames, and 10 preset backgrounds. Once all is done, you can proceed to playing the game.

You must set the amount you will pay for each bullet that you will use against the enemies. Once you have set the amount of your bullets, you must choose the number of bullets you will buy. You can set the bullet amount between 0.01 and 0.25 coins per bullet and choose to buy from 100 to 50,000 bullets. The bullet amount acts as your wager on the slot while the number of bullets acts as your paylines.


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