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Render Token (RNDR) READY to Continue BEAR MARKET Rally? RNDR Price Chart Analysis 2023

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I can only show you the door you have to walk through it Hello guys welcome to Mr Legend crypto guys in this video we’re taking a look at an old coin render token drunk 57 on coin market cap rendered to King last one month has traded for as high as 2.58 dollars it has also traded for as low as

1.63 dollars with the market cap of 828 million dollars render token is up on a daily time frame up on a weekly time frame up on a monthly time frame and it’s also up on a yearly time frame so where are we heading in the coming days

And in the coming weeks render token has been holding his own since the turn of the year we have been pumping to higher prices even getting to as high as 2.5 dollars can we continue this rally to the upside or are we gearing up for one big dumps Goblin Town we’re taking a

Look at the render token US dollar price chart on a three-day time frame also looking at render tokens performance against both Bitcoin and ethereum and we’ll finally look at render tokens markets cap we’ve seen the market cap rally to as high as 940 million dollars can we hit that

Magical one billion dollar region talking about that ammo in this video but first guys an investment in knowledge pays the best interest when it comes to investing nothing will pay off more than educating yourself do the necessary research study and Analysis before making any investment decision let’s get down to business All coins have been dumping to Goblin Town on a monthly time frame where deep in a crypto bear Market few all coins have held their gains with this huge dump to Goblin Town one of those all coins has been render token still up 11 in the last one month on a weekly time

Frame render token is up 33 and even in the last 24 hours at the point to record this video render token is up 15 a lot of all coins have had pumps in 2023 but most of them have gone back to give those games to the market render token

Has been holding on very very strong render token is currently going through his first full crypto bear Market but after it was launched in 2020 we saw Renato came pumping to higher prices that rarely ended for render token in November of 2021 but it had already gone up by over 21

000 percent a thousand dollar invested in render token will have returned more than 219 thousand dollars in around 525 days span but right now in his first full crypto bear Market we when that token has been dumped into Goblin Town getting too as low as a 0.28 level

Losing 96 percent of his value guys render token hit a very very important support level we’ve seen right talking have reactions to these levels in the past in August of 2020 we got rejected at that level and before we stay pumping to higher prices in February of 2021 we

Took a chill pill around that 0.28 region we caught the bounce of that level in June of 2022 since then render token has been pumping to higher prices rallying from the 0.28 level getting to as high as 2.5 dollars giving us an 800 pump to the upside in the bear market

And I love all coins you see huge huge gains like this a lot of all coins have been dumping to Goblin Town And since the turn of the Year crazy crazy things have been happening render token has rallied up by more than 535 percent while we’re happy that we’re pumping to

Our prices at the same time we’re deep in a crypto bear Market let’s not get delusional guys in the bay Market there’s going to be pumps in the bear Market there’s going to be domes the million dollar question is how low can we dump if we see that dumps Goblin town

Now we saw that talking have a little pullback in the month of March that pullback took us back to the 0.92 level which has also been a critical level for Renault token over the last two years we’re not talking still having difficulties pumping to higher prices in

November of 2022 guess where we got rejected that’s 0.92 level even in March when we had a pullback we found support that that’s 0.92 level so I’ll be shocked to see us dump back to that level if you see dumped Goblin town but the way things are shaping up we can

Easily just get one final push to the upside we can easily just see render token attempts to Rally to as high as three dollars for us to ride to the three dollar region before we dump to Goblin Town guys we’ll have to have one big pump to the upside and that pump is

Going to take us from the 2.2 dollar region for us to read that three dollar level we have to say 32 pump to the upside we have a letter all coins can be another two percent pump to the upside can appear very very quickly you can

Even just appear just to liquidate a lot of people have been shot in the market and when we get to that three dollar region we’ll start dumping to Goblin Town a lot of volume is coming in for render token so maybe just maybe there’s still some more juice in the tank but

Worst case scenario if you see Bitcoin dumping to Goblin Town every other all coin the market joins Bitcoin because he’s traditional over time that when Bitcoin is dumping all coins dump way harder than Bitcoin so the 0.92 level is going to be very very critical for us in

The communities and the coming weeks for render tokens to drop to that level we’ll see it lose 59 of its value for us to drop back to our yearly lows where we started the year render token we have to drop by 82 percent and worst case

Scenario if all had broke loose if we’re not talking we’re dropping to new lows in this bear Market render token will have to dump from wherever currently trading we’ll have to say it have an at least 89 plus dumps Goblin Town and I may be wondering you

May be wondering I’m watching I’m saying you know what how will lender talking dump 87 from where is currency trading guys way crazier things have happened in the market we have seen another token even drop from the 2.2 dollar level where it was trading that’s where it was

Traded in June of 2000 and April of 2022 we saw a dump by 90 percent and all it took was 81 days so with the all with all coins in the market you don’t want to be too comfortable way crazier things have happened in the bear Market you

Want to be accumulating we saw render token going through accumulation from June of 2022 the accumulation ended in December of 2022 I’m not be shocked if we see re-accumulation in this bear Market from where render token is currently trading right now we are just 268 of the all-time high so render token

Is closer to the top down without the bottom and that’s why this video is coming out this warning we might easily say down to Goblin Town hopefully we’ll find support before we see us getting to new lows in this bear Market deep in the bear Market long-term investors are

Still accumulating all the smart investors that gotten into another token when it was below the 0.55 level right now some of them are cashing out some of them are waiting for higher prices but most of them are in over a 300 profit and that’s why I want to accumulate when

The market is red but remember guys going all in is the number one crime you can commit in the bear Market going all in is very very dangerous yes when the market is pumping it looks very cool you’re making more money with all your money when the market starts dumping to

Goblin Town all your money is going to dump very very quickly so always the low cost averages your position always do the cost average out of your position always keep some capital on the side so I can always take advantage of opportunities when you when they come

Your way deep in the crypto bear Market we take a look at some key details about render token the last one year we’ve seen it trade for as high as 2.5 dollars that’s also traded for as low as 0.27 we have over 363 million render tokens in circulation

With the maximum Supply sitting at around 536 million tokens if you want to get some render token for yourself deep in the bear Market as we’re getting ready for another big big pump to the upside if that happens you can get some render token on binance on coinbase

Exchange on Queue coin on cracking on bitfenix and anywhere you get your popular old coins you can look at render tokens performance against both Bitcoin and ethereum render token has been holding on strong but we first saw it dumped Goblin Town losing around 90 of his value but since June of 2022 that

Dump has been over render token has pumped up by more than 460 two percent against Bitcoin against ethereum since June of 2022 render token is up 302 percent but he’s trading us over time that all coins can keep pumping to higher prices against Bitcoin and ethereum no matter how valuable they are

So no be sure to see you around talking in the next few months start dumping to Goblin Town and new how aggressive all coins can be that don’t can be very very massive if you take a look at render tokens markets cup at this pace we should be hitting new all-time Highs but

The market looks very very shaky market cap just hit a very very critical level the 950 million dollar region for my money or I’ve thought would have gotten to as high as one billion dollars the last time we saw render tokens market cap at that one billion dollar

Level was on the 1st of January 2022 after then we dumped to Goblin Town and I’ll be shocked to Goblin Town can also happen instead of the year with another tokens markets cup at 100 million dollar level right now but almost at the one billion dollar region crazier things can

Happen be very very careful out there guys remember to take some profit off the table thank you for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos like this turn on the post notifications to get notified anytime I drop a new video

And anytime I go live remember guys invest for the Long Haul don’t get too greedy don’t get too scared see you guys in my next video remember all I’m offering is the truth nothing more

RNDR is an ERC-20 utility token used by artists on the network to exchange for GPU compute power from GPU providers (node operators).

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RNDR utilizes a combination manual and automatic proof of work system, or in this case proof of render, in order to verify all art has been successfully rendered prior to payment disbursal and art release. Utilizing the inherent security properties of the Ethereum blockchain, proprietary assets are hashed upon upload and sent to nodes piecemeal for rendering. All RNDR payments are stored in escrow during rendering, and are released to node operators upon manual verification by the commissioning artist of successful work. To prevent malicious actors in both user bases, all assets rendered on the network are watermarked until payment is successfully disbursed, upon which time un-watermarked renderings may be downloaded, and all payment is held in escrow until manually verified as being correctly rendered.

Render Token (RNDR) READY to Continue BEAR MARKET Rally? RNDR Price Chart Analysis 2023

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