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Requirement to bring in the Embassy|| First-time Vacation || OEC, Philippine embassy Israel

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I’m Jonalyn Binwag from Philippines working here in Israel as caregiver.

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Requarment you need:
1. Original Standard Employment Contract signed by the worker and his/her employer — (Must be the same as the attached template. Printed, faxed or photocopied signatures are not allowed) — (signature of employer is enough, no need for signature of agency)

2. Photocopy of re-entry visa bearing validity later then the worker’s return flight in the itinerary

3. Copy of employer’s ID — (you can submit any of the following: passport, license or teudatzehut)

4. Complete Flight itinerary — (must indicate the name of the worker as the passenger and all onward and return flights including stop-overs)

5. Certificate of Placement with Recruitment Agency — this is called “MiktavHasama” in Hebrew, which you can get from your agency. If you don’t have it, you can ask the agency to email your “MiktavHasama” to this email address polois_2012@yahoo.com

6. Approved Appointment with the Embassy — this is required for you to enter the Embassy premises
(Choose POLO)
7. POEA Eservices Account Registration through: http://onlineservices.poea.gov.ph/OnlineServices/Public/CreateAccount.aspx

8. Payment of $10.00 and 10 NIS (please bring US Dollars)

9. Authorization Letter if another person will process on your behalf

10. Vaccine Certificate if you are vaccinated

11. Valid Medical Insurance (Bring Proof of Payment or Policy)

12. Fill-outthe following Online Registration Requirements relating to CORONA Virus:

Online Registration with the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS) — required to provide appropriate services at the airport concerning COVID-19 (must have confirmed itinerary for this) http://oasis.owwa.gov.ph/

Online Registration with ONE HEALTH PASS for quarantine and SWAB Testing in the Philippines – https://www.onehealthpass.com.ph/e-HDC/One-Registration-Platform/

Online Registration with Red Cross https://dashlabs.app/laboratories/607a41404d14dc68461eb3be/form

You fill out an outbound passenger statement exit form here https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/ExitFromIsrael@health.gov.il within 24 hours prior your departure from Israel.

You fill out an inbound passenger statement entry form here https://www.gov.il/en/service/request-entry-to-israel-covid19 within 24 hours prior to before your scheduled arrival in Israel.

1. OEC is only valid for 60 days upon issuance. If your vacation is longer, we will just verify your contract and you will set an appointment using your POEA Online Services account to get your OEC from the POEA nearest you in the Philippines.

2. For travel document, passport, civil registry, NBI, SPA and notarials, secure another appointment with the consular services through https://sites.google.com/view/phinisrael-consular/home

3. Two weeks prior to your return to Israel, please coordinate with your employer or agency to get an Entry Permit. This is a requirement on top of the entry visa stamped on your passport

4. Please check the updated requirements 2 weeks before your departure and return to Israel

Thank you


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