Resignations at FTX / Celsius, plus Do Kwon News

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New episode – Big resignations at FTX and Celsius, plus news on Do Kwon and Pantera Capital. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons and drop a comment down below. Not financial advice.

0:00 Intro
0:25 FTX.US CEO Resigns
2:58 Mashinsky Resigns at Celsius
4:46 Do Kwon – Mysterious Transfers
5:24 FatMan Backs Kwon
6:27 Pantera Capital Launches $1.25B Fund
7:44 Conclusion

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  1. It Seems like Sam playing superhero character in Crypto space, he is ready to bailout all bankrupt entity.

  2. Nice start for Pantera Capital and raised $1.2 billion of funds! So huge, I believe that will sustain all they need.

  3. Haha glad authorities freeze $60 million worth of bitcoin by Do Kwon!! Well deserved lol. History repeat itself 😹

  4. Theres no reason why FTX CEO stepping down while Celsius gave his statement and still value the community!! Also it's quite hard to handle project during bear market 🥲 stressing for a CEO

  5. These resignation is not coincident, crypto entities are preparing for survive in bear market by cutting their expanses staffs

  6. Probably replacement gonna game changer for FTX, new president comes with new energy and mindset.

  7. Froze $62 millions, that sounds fair enough. Will these money be delivered to those investors?

  8. Lmao ,as an exchange you should be neutral and don't bend to government freeze orders… People turn to exchange to avoid freeze and things like that… You'll definitely push customers away.

  9. It's really hard to understand why Harrison just steps down in middle of FTX growth.

    In this tough time FTX really need experienced captain to cross these ups and downs. Now I'm totally uncertain about FTX future growth

  10. Do Kwon been active on Twitter lately.
    He seems to be confident and outspoken too, I hope some accusations are not dump on him by some of his haters

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