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Rings of Power, Robert Aramayo on Lord Elrond character : "he was an orphan"

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YouTube video

Robert Aramayo words on his Lord Elrond character interpretation in Rings of Power .

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  1. "Elrond symbolises throughout the ancient wisdom, and his House represents Lore — the preservation in reverent memory of all tradition concerning the good, wise and beautiful. It is not a scene of action but of reflection. Thus it is a place visited on the way to all deeds or 'adventures'. It may prove to be on the direct road (as in The Hobbit); but it may be necessary to go from there in a wholly unexpected course. So necessarily in The Lord of the Rings, having escaped to Elrond from the imminent pursuit of present evil, the hero departs in a wholly new direction: to go and face it at its source."

    -The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, Edited by Humphrey Carpenter, Letter 131 to Milton Waldman, late 1951

  2. A great king of dwarves and his bear is like a 5dollar toy plastic beard you buy for a halloween costume. Where is the royal pride and symbolism? That shit srsly look like beard of one of the dwarves from Snow white and 7 dwarves

  3. Dôl lín cofn Súlon gwanna nîf lín, you are stupid and farts come out when you open your mouth….nice video, sums up what we are dealing with here, self entitled proclaimed activist pretenders defaming Tolkien's work…

  4. This actor has a little something. Potential. I really hope his career will be a prosperous one.

  5. I might be wrong, but for me it seems the actor has very little (to zero) knowledge about the character he is playing, his background, family, characteristics. He answers the questions but says nothing. Of course he is paid for learning his lines not for researching and reading all Tolkiens books.
    Or maybe all the interviews are scripted and he says only what he is allowed to say. In that case I feel very bad for him.

  6. Really feel bad this Elrond
    actor he seems very dedicated to the role regardless of how bad this show is going to turn out

  7. This Guy Would Be Great For Young Lord Elrond, Since He Will Be Lord Master Elrond One Day Also

  8. I remember the WETA folks talking about hair during the Hobbit films. That the favored elf hair was from eastern Europeans who tended to have the right fine, silky hair texture. The technicians spending hours making wefts of hair for the wigs. Rings I guess went cheap and just sends everyone to the mall for a $20 cut and blow dry, or maybe to the local military for a buzz cut.

  9. At least this actor is gracious and talks about his character, not politics. Now if he were just dressed like an elf (including hair), and given a good script and direction he might be believable. The actor here who plays the dwarf is an excellent actor. I hope this Elrond gains some of the intensity of Hugo Weaving who just radiated nobility, courage, knowledge and love.

  10. I think the actor is really trying and I really believe him when he says that he loves his character. I think he'll be the best part of a bad show, and any fault with Elrond won't be on him but rather the showrunners

  11. J.R.R. Tolkien (extract from letter 210)
    "The canons of narrative an in any medium cannot be wholly different ; and the failure of poor films is often precisely in exaggeration, and in the intrusion of unwarranted matter owing to not perceiving where the core of the original lies."

    Or, in my own words: This show is crap !!!

    And why is it crap ?

    Let's quote princess Disa in the upcoming vandalism show:
    "We don't change anything – but we reinterpretate everything"

    Any questions ???

  12. They keep saying they are not a part of Peter Jackson’s middle earth etc yet they imitate the music he used and many PJ shots. It’s hard not to think of the beauty of PJ, expect the Amazon does a terrible job of replicating it. Many of the wide shots and close up shots like Galadriel’s eyes are a poor cheap knockoff

  13. They will regret the mess they're creating. Tolkien show with missing out all the most important aspects. I doubt there'll be a 2nd season.

  14. This explains a lot. "Elrond" is obviously an imposter. The way he looks, he isn't even half-elven. Brilliant plot twist.

  15. True they both where orphans but Maglo fostered both boys 50 years long into adulthood. So Gilgalad was a Mentor, but the father figure in his life was the second son of Feanor. Who grew to love him very much.

  16. Hugo Weaving has more gravitas in one eyebrow than this guy has in his entire body.

    And the lying, gods!
    "There's countless ones I could give you…" But he won't 'cause he can't.

    "The great thing about Tolkien is that if you think something, someone thinks the opposite" He's just covering his ass because he knows there's gonna be justified backlash and he tries to brush that off with this nonsense.

    "A phrase or a name that you just love saying? Yeah Galadriel"
    Ooooooooooooooh, so the one word pretty much every single person on Eearth knows??? He must really love Tolkien!

    "Everyone worked really hard on it"
    Really? Is that why most of the costumes look like rags?

  17. Orphan Elrond, go to Celebrimbor to groom you. I pity these actors, they read what the two showrunners gave on the characters background and the script. None of them read Tolkien Legendarium, You need to read The Silmarillion and others books to get to know the Second Age and your character in Second Age.

  18. They can't get the visuals right, the difference between Durin as dwarf and Elrond as elf is missed. They can't get the proportions on screen right. Visual for me is very odd. And what is with those dwarves ? Looks like a parody. Maybe he loves his character but Amazon destroy it.

  19. One would wonder if he even knows Elrond's family when he's talking like that. Like. Idk, Elrond having a TWIN BROTHER who's the First King of Numenor, or the hidden city of Gondolin that HIS FATHER hailed from and was destroyed in his toddlerhood, or HIS MOTHER who's the only surviving family member of Elu Thingol's. Or idk, his KIDNAP FAMILY? Or oh you know, how HE'S AN ACTUAL ELF WHO GOT ROYAL BLOODLINE FROM BOTH SIDES OF HIS BLOOD FAMILY, not "not lord yet" urgh.
    And like. Elrond having Durin as bestie? Bro, if it's interracial thing he got, it's with the NUMENOREAN; Dwarves are CELEBRIMBOR's thing.
    He's just hyped of the concept of "Elrond" and knowing none of Elrond's actual bg, from what I see.

  20. Che sera sera, perfect ending. I see naked dwarves with ale mugs. LOL. What they did to Middle-earth ?

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