Ripple XRP "Clearing 2.0" XRP WHAT??💵CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES "Full Steam Ahead XRP"

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Ripple XRP News Today. This video is about Ripple and XRP News and i hope you enjoyed wacthing!

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  1. Man, I just don’t see how your brain works. You understand what a groundbreaking idea Ripple/ XRP is but you want to short Tesla. 🤦

  2. Myself during this Bear Market only trying to focus on BTC, AMC23TX, ETH, SOL, MATIC. not losing sight of BNB and GALA. 🇨🇦

  3. Excellent content. I used the last dip to stock up, buying AMC23TX now its cheap, can't miss the presale.

  4. Binance CEO talk about AMC23TX and hinted let it list on binance, cant imagine the price at 2023!.

  5. AMC23TX has as much potential as ethereum. But unlike ethereum it has a bigger growth potential.

  6. While everyone is focused on BTC, ETH or any top alt coin and playing defensive they are missing on quality projects that are about to be launched on CEX. For example AMC23TX will hit mainstream soon, 10x-20x quite possible even during this bear market but only few people know about this.

  7. Boys is it best to invest in AMC23TX monthly or weekly? I'm thinking the fees will be higher if done weekly.

  8. Anyone reading this should BUY Amazon token AMC23TX, in my opinion, its game changing

  9. New week up as many FOMO in. But the AMC23TX story isn’t over yet. The only strat that works under all circumstances is DCA all the time with solid, large companies (not hyped ones).

  10. Thanks for deleting the spam bots, While I'm here though, AMC23TX is the next moon shot for sure

  11. Could you please talk about AMC23TX it’s very strong and took off in short time thanks

  12. We'll be going to the bottom within 6-9 months. For now, DCA-ing bi-weekly with 21usd in AMC23TX/BTC and monthly 21 in CRO.

  13. The inflation is real We are far very from the bottom, But we also need to talk about Amazons AMC23TX as a gamechanger where we can avoid most of the losses. This is not a joke guys, this is the only chance this year gives!

  14. Wow I'm so surprised you mentioned AMC23TX. I have been keeping eye on it for a while and it seems very promising.

  15. Today AMC23TX is less than $1. Time for everybody to wake up and get with the winning team.

  16. I didn't like the look of the $ETH chart yesterday and I took profits on everything and bought AMC23TX.

  17. I already converted all my ETH to AMC23TX, now I feel like moving all my BTC to ADA as well.

  18. We'll see about that. I don't mind to see the crash. I just hope I'll have a lot of USDT to buy more AMC23TX live presale.

  19. AMC23TX at less than $1. is like BTC at $100. When AMC23TX finally blows it's gonna be epic.

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