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Ripple XRP U.S. Banks Launch a Digital Dollar Blockchain Pilot half a billion users . egld Coinbase

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Breaking News MultiversX (Previously #Elrond) ( #EGLD) Coinbase

Bitcoin $23 Million TAX Breaks in memphis

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬.
8:50 – Largest Bitcoin by DOJ Ties to Memphis.
13:20 – Memphis News Pics Bitcoin story
14:28 – Bitcoin Abanded abandoned property
18:40 – Did they Know
19:50 – One physical bitcoin Worth 174 Bitcoin
37:40 – Biggest calls In crypto Right Here. ERD KONA 2021 Challenge Challenge Lands on Coinbase. #MultiversX (Previously Elrond)

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  1. CKJ…. We been riding this Train for 5 years now and XRP still hasn't done much. The Wheels are starting to Crack….

  2. <i'm glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially,been my best decision so far

  3. They've redefined vaccines, they've redefined recessions, watch them redefine inflation and inflation goals higher as if it was just normal and always this way. Great vid as usually! Thank you for bringing these to us. It is easier when the market is going up, but the true investors shine when it's going down. I've always went momentum with good financials in any market and DCA my dividend growth. This is a fantastic opportunity for new and old investors to invest more and also go into trading their crypto assets. I never pay attention to the 'financial news' because gains tend to prove 'em wrong. Stocks that are doing well don't make the 'news' instead all you hear is how everything is bad. I'll keep practicing the High Frequency yielding Trading style from Mrs. Robin Moore she's the best tutor combine with her accurate trading signal that helped me in trading up more than 9btc with just 1.7btc in few weeks of trading and I'm still green so I'll be just fine. One learns a lot in the bear. Her credibility with crypto is shot.


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