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WHAT IS EXACTLY GOING ON WITH SHIBA INU COIN? Simpson Prediction for Shiba Inu? A Massive Shiba Inu Burn is on its way as the Shiba Inu team is all set To Advance Into Trillion-Dollar Metaverse. hiba Inu Coin Leaked the Robinhood Listing Rumor. Shiba Inu Coin, Shiba Inu Coin Price Prediction, Shib token listing confirmed by CEO Vladimir and COO Christine Brown, Shiba Inu Coin News today, Shibaswap Update on Shiboshis NFTs. One of the biggest crypto exchanges, Kraken listed Shiba Inu on its platform. Kraken’s listing of Shiba Inu on its platform seems to be putting extensive pressure on popular crypto trading app Robinhood. We all know that Robinhood is way too behind and is facing intense loss with this delayed listing. Responding to a question from Dan Roberts, Editor-in-Chief of Decrypt, Robinhood COO Christine Brown said the trading app wouldn’t talk about listing the “Doge Killer.” ROBINHOOD “CRYPTO FIRST!” SHIBA INU HOLDERS? You need to watch this. Robinhood will sustain the pressure mounting on them from Shib enthusiasts. The coin has had many of its supporters come out asking for its listing. Presently, there’s a petition on asking Robinhood to list the coin. This petition has over 544,000 signatures and counting.

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  1. Here's the plan: Buy $0.01 worth of Shib. You won't get rich, but you won't go broke. Good, huh?

  2. Very interesting video and i appreciate for the information…If you believe in the future,you understand that Crypto and Forex trading is becoming the future
    despite fluctuation,so i'm glad i started investing and i'm still getting good returns irrespective of the markets fluctuations through the help of a good and reliable trader mrs Ariella Taylor,thanks so much….

  3. Meme coin Shiba Inu is a great coin to hodl.
    Whether listed in Robinhood or not Shiba is worth having.

  4. shiba inu to the moon 🌒🌒🌒 I wish I have money 💰 to buy shiba inu…

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