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Волны Эллиота на крипто: BTC и DENT в консолидации! Что дальше?

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$Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be still in a corrective mode, but if so, with an irregular B in place. The long-term count remains intact, with new variations only in the short term. If wave (2) is complete, a 1-2, 1-2 is the most likely scenario next to an ending diagonal.

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$Dent (DENT) is also in a corrective mode, but its downward structure shows a more straightforward path. Currently in a symmetrical consolidation, it resembles a triangle. And triangles are followed by motive waves, which increases the chance for short-term losses.

Want to know where it’d turn around?

00: 20 Введение
01:30 $BTC Long-term count: in cycle wave a of supercycle IV
03:30 All alternatives and variations
08:00 Short-term count: in B of (2) of primary A
13:50 Short-term var: in minute iv of 1 of (3) of primary A
17:10 $DENT Long and short-term counts: in Y of (2) of primary A
21:15 Variation: in (C) of primary 4
18:05 Short-term count: in (c) of minute y of (2) or only in (a) so far
25:20 Заключение

Просто классические волны #Эллиотта!

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12 комментариев

  1. I am watching this video a few days after you posted — bitcoin's price movements are coming in remarkably close to your short-term prediction. If your analysis is correct, we can expect bitcoin to drop heavily in a wave (3) very soon.

  2. 2:34 I stick with your first alternative scenario. for me, it clarifies a lot and agrees with the opinion of classical technical analysis, where the level of 16200 should be a push up for the price… thx for video! ❤

  3. saw you in different contests with different trashy forex outlets… Now, you bullshit folks again… What's your trading P&L for a couple of previous years at least, anal-yst?

  4. I thought for sure this time they would vote for XRP considering it's move.

    Hopefully one day you'll do an XRP video update 😁😁😁😉
    . But I love all your updates nonetheless ….you are a very genius technical analyst..

    What you think of XRP ? Bull trap?
    Thank you ST!

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