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Russian Hi-Fi / High End Pro Audio and Headphones Store after 9 months of SANCTIONS! “Dr. Head” Wow!

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Russian Hi-Fi / High End professional audio and headphones store after 9 months of unprecedented, unseen and unbelievable sanctions imposed on Russia – “Dr. Head”.

All kinds of headphones – in-ear, pods, over-ear, wired, wireless and custom.

Hi-if and high end pro audio systems, players, amplifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers, microphones, dj devices, midi keyboards and pads, synthesisers, vinyls and vinyl turntables and even reel-to-reel tapes, rooms for audition and audiophile cables.

Hi-fi electronics, hi-end electronics, high end electronics.

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  1. An essä of what is necessary or not…. All those "luxurary" things has a cost. There was a time (recent) where it was affordable. From Germany or even from Sweden. But suddenly some forgot what the pillar of all this was. Affordable energy and gods. Our stupid fools, ourcso called leaders put sanctions on it. Now Russia will have to be able to produce this by itself. With the help of the real world (real economys).Should it be a need for me to blabber about this? Of course not. Even if I am a Swede. It is common sence.

  2. You did such a great job presenting the products, Sergey. Both you and the store employees really did a superb job both visually and in delivering information verbally. This is such an amazing store. Completely my cup of tea!

  3. It would be very interesting what Russia looks like in rural areas and if there is a difference to big cities.

  4. Hey Seguei ! I am always following your videos since I want to learn more from Russia, my Girlfriend is from Tambov, did you intend to make more videos about Tambov and its people??? Thanks for your great help!!!

  5. Hello, do you still have the channel when your daughter was a little girl? I miss those videos, she reminds me of my own daughter, are the videos still on youtube?

  6. midi клавиатура arturia keylab essential 61 white за 18000 это вообще дешево, в других магазинах 22500 (раньше оно стоило около 30), хорошая реклама получилась, прям надо брать кто играть умеет

  7. Loved the stairway to heaven ,,,,,,,, I love high fi … I am into keyboards 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. I agree my friend. Music …… Depeche Mode ! Yes 🙌 what about Duran Duran and level 42 ! I sing this stuff !

  9. High end audio files brick and mortar stores are practically none existing here in the USA.
    I remember back in the 80s and 90s the High fidelity market was hot and they were quite alot of listening rooms to chose from. I remember back in day one of favorites was "Sound By Singer" in Manhattan. They brands like Wilson Audio,Kell, Mark Levinson and Macintosh amplifiers ,to name a few.
    These equipment got supper expensive over the years. Thus most of them went out of business overtime. The ordinary man could not afford to spend $40,000 – $100,000 for a good pair of speakers or $12,000 – $50,000 for good pair of mono block amps .

  10. Thanks! Great one Sergey! Right up my alley. I love that in addition to amazing audio gear they have synthesizers and music production gear. And records! But CD’s are still absolutely vital too and they should be selling those. And more Russian music. This is a place I’d be going to often. Beautiful stuff and an exquisite shop. Is there an equivalent big box store like Guitar Center or Sweetwater in Russia? Would love to see that. I just love Saint Petersburg! Such an astonishing;y great city!

  11. The play back machines are they 24bit 96k plus play back unites? The old JBL speakers 🔊 👌 were awesome sounding when tune 👌 right. That Dr.Head store looks like one awesome 👌 store. Don't have anything like that here.

  12. Great vlog really enjoyed the listening room that lets you listen to all the sounds through television and all types of speakers. Also the microphones. The most expensive microphones I've ever used in the Recording studio was the Neumann M249 tube microphone which is what most musicians use in major recording studio's in USA Although I love the sound better of the music production of the old Soviet Rock bands much better than the sounds of the American bands.

  13. My friend! When this is over i am travelling across the baltic sea to buy loudspeakers from Aleks Audio in St Petersburg 🙂 Then i will buy Aleks Audios S-90 louspeakers 😀

  14. Lovely video Sergey! I would love to see a Christmas in Russia video at some point in December maybe? Love from the U.K. ❤

  15. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated. It is always great watching your Vlogs and Live streams.

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