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S03E13 OEC Coolship Lager Black | #beer #beerreview #motorcycle #rider #craftbeer

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★ Beer Spotlight:
OEC Brewing
Oxford, CT
“Coolship Lager Black”
5.4% ABV

Gunner: 2.5
Chef: 3
Avg: 2.75

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Open Fermentation Info

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★ Media:
External media sources conforming to free-use licensing guidelines may provide some images and audio in this video. (i.e., freesound.org, freetts.com, pixabay.com, pexels, rawpixel, clipchamp, internet archive)

Producer – Gunner, Chef
Editor, Video, Music – Gunner
— Intro – Viking Hunter
— Outtro – Onward to Battle

★ Responsible Drinking Tips:
1. Don’t drink and drive.
2. Loose lips sink ships.
3. You have limits. Know them.
4. Use clean, sturdy glasses, and don’t spill.
5. Share with a friend.
6. Hydrate.
7. No critical life decisions.
8. Toast with a smile.
9. Agree to disagree.
10. Savor the flavor.
11. Pick it up and pack it out.

★ Responsible Riding Tips:
1. Give Respect. Get Respect. Jerks happen.
2. Don’t ride beyond your ability.
3. Rubber Down. Eyes Up.
4. Stay in the NOW. Get outta your head.
5. Head on a swivel.
6. Check your tires, oil, gas, mirrors, brakes, and bank balance.
7. Wet wipes, eye drops, and solar maps are your friend.
8. Charge your phone and/or your camera.
9. Keep a safe space cushion.
10. Highways shed no tears.
11. Assume nothing.
12. You have no extra lives.
13. Don’t feed or pet wildlife.

★ Disclaimer:
We are average beer tasters who enjoy, motorcycles, family, and friendship.
We try to bring you beer reviews and motorcycle rides as often as we have time. Both of us have day jobs.

We are NOT professional sommeliers, cicerones, or brewers (yet).
We ALWAYS attempt to remain unbiased and open-minded with each beer reviewed.

As of Season 3, our beer reviews are based on a 5 STAR average “from muck to magnificent.” If you are a guest on our show, your ratings count on the beeramid/ladder.

Our motorcycle rides are rated by difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced

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★ Our Motto:
“There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships. May they always be.” –Irish Proverb


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  1. that was a great review, I just noticed you guys only have 321 subscribers thats crazy come on people subscribe great channel gents.

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