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S25.W4 Highlights – Omi Wampa, Iden & QGJ offense testing + more GAC | SWGOH Grand Arena

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Omi Wampa vs Grievous
02:54 Omi Wampa vs Omi Iden
05:51 Omi Iden vs Mothma
08:20 Omi Iden vs Hux
12:10 Omi QGJ vs Hux
14:01 CLS vs RJT
16:04 Troopers vs Bad Batch
18:03 Geos vs Finn



  1. So glad to know he takes care of the 3x teams I really dislike (and always see) in gac, iden, rebel fighters and grievous

  2. Just a reminder, low gear Iden is not a threat to Wampa but a Relic Iden with shjt tons of potency loaded will end Wampa ‘s whole career

  3. Good to you know what teams a relic 3 Wampa can counter. I’ve been using him against low gear teams for the fear that he wasn’t strong enough.

  4. The best use I got out of QGJ recently was beating a Padme CAT team. I used Mace and a full team and won without QG dying. Btw great content as always.

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