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SAFEMOON CEO IN VEGAS RIGHT NOW! GREAT TIME TO BE IN VEGAS! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! So many people have questions for the Safemoon CEO and if you are one of the lucky few in texas, you have the amazing opportunity to attend a great charity event where the safemoon CEO will be at. Safemoon is working hard and the safemoon CEO has alot of things lined up for the safemoon community. With so many questions, maybe someone at the charity event can find the safemoon CEO and take some pictures and talk with him.

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  1. Ok, I’m no crypto expert.. but the coffeezilla interview with Thomas told us everything. He admitted the LP wasn’t locked. The premise of safemoon IS locked LP. And let’s just use some common sense here, how the hell can millions of people invest in this thing and the price continue to drop? Also, what happened to banking the unbanked, the windmills burning safemoon and the whole list of stuff this company was gonna do. All they have delivered is a wallet. A way to put more money into this scam… hey Joe, continue to do your thing with the videos but I don’t think they’re gonna age well. I would shift my content to other stuff.

  2. I love your vids and expecially your creative and positive way to deal with people like your super fan, but please lets stop comparing Safemoon to Apple, Tesla or whatever, that is just ridiculous, Safemoon has got no tech, maybe there is a secret tech but till it comes out lets just be real about it because that just makes us look like a bunch of delusional crazys.

  3. Joe became G.I. Joe for a second and put them in place nicely! Keep it up Joe best Safemoon content creator 100%

  4. Puli admitted the issues with reflections was on their end but still portrayed it as if it was safemoon's problem

  5. I dont get why John would even post that meme, not like he actually addressed any of the most recent fud or hate.

  6. lmao march of dimes up here
    Keep up the amazing work Joe, thank you for NOT GIVING UP!~
    To the Moon!!

  7. I've got to agree with John Karony on not engaging with coffeez.
    Arguing and debating fud is pointless.
    Safemoons work will speak for itself very soon. Many will live with regret.
    This is just my opinion and others do not have to agree

  8. your videos getting better every day lmao keep going in on this fomo manipulater 😂 lmao

  9. Hope I don't offend anybody but COFFEBIOTCH, LOL. He's a WHINER. Like he has poop 💩 in his panties. He whines so much why would you listen to his crap. If you believe every thing he says, sell so you don't have to worry anymore. He doesn't say anything about other tokens or coins that are scams and rug pulled. I don't even open his site because I know it's BS. SAFEMOON JOE is my main source, Always.
    Thanks Joe 🌜✌️🍺

  10. That is not a meme. Are you nuts ?? He is serious with that .. That was GENIUS !!!

  11. why doesnt everyone stop giving that coffeezilla idiot attention? all you do is funnel more money in to his pockets. fucking einsteins….

  12. Lol nothing is happening behind the scenes. No mandala, no exchange, no blockchain this year….hey, they can't even deliver on the cross chain. Just remember folks……buy the dip 🤣

  13. I've never seen or been involved in crypto project with this amount of FUD, it's quite incredible but at the same time funny. I'm not selling I believe in the Safemoon project, I mean how can a rug get EU money licence, Mastercard partnership, listed on exchanges, build an exchange etc.. etc.. etc..

    Keep fighting the fight Joe, Love your videos you are a Safemoon legend for sure.

  14. I'm fine with meme, It show John is very confident and still believe we are going to the moon.

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