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buy crypto
profits will be made soon
not FA but I am buying the dips 😀
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asset management, , digital asset management business service


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  1. Watch out for scammers in the comments pretending to be me! Whenever I reply to comments, my name should be highlighted like this. I don’t have WhatsApp, just one super amazing telegram community: (free to join right now)

  2. Thank u man, will follow your advice

    Btw, a u going to review Enecuum? They promote a decentralized ecosystem able to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the reality! What do you suppose?

  3. Should take a look into Gorilla Diamond, amazing project, great team, very rapid moving, they get things done.
    I'd like to know what you think.

  4. I have a question how can you find this super early project’s on developing stages I have been digging through them but it’s gets challenging, if anyone have a bit free time and want to put a small amount of time let’s say 10 days to attack into research to find this project’s super duper early, let’s say in 10 days we get lucky in 10 days and we saw a project that’s posted on PancakeSwap before listed on (Coingeco, CoinmarketCap or You tube) we can not only make money but also work calling out good or rug pull project’s. I worked as business analyst and held Leadership roles in my past job been taking a small break after breaking my ankle and super new to Crypto but I feel it’s still early. Since there is crazy volatility there can be crazy amount of risk. I am in VIRGINIA at the moment. If anyone is interested we can discuss this can be a friendly conversation simply I am looking to build a team and work together

  5. If Safemoon is the real deal, then what about ?? If you guys checked out their website, the resemblance is uncanny. Bafe looked like a bunch of high schoolers who copy-paste a homework from the top grade student and edit some of the sentences but basically have the same meaning!

  6. Man im so bumped that I missed out on it. One positive though is I found your channel and will be looking forward to what you find next! you've earned a new sub 🙂

  7. Could be any exchange so guys don’t freak out if it’s a random exchange. Any exchange is good right now

  8. Great Content as always. Your calls are just amazing as always, making me free money my man.. Btw, I was wondering if I can ask you about this one micro coin I found called pixl coin. They claim its rug free, do you know anything about it? I just want to know if its safe :/

  9. its to difficult to buy -.- when it comes to binance? and its to late then?

  10. So I don't know if any others having this weird problem with trust wallet. So I sold my coins for now cause it's going to drop tomorrow but when I sold on trust wallet, it practically reduced the amount of money I had by half. Now if I go back I can almost buy the same amount of coins(-12%slippage) so why is it when I own the coin It shows X2 of what it shows when I have swapped it back to BNB?

  11. Make sure you post a video when this goes onto an exchange because I’m gonna buy in

  12. Im trying to get in on this but everywhere i turn something is take forever to transfer. Can someone explain how to do the transfer from
    Bitmart to trust wallet. I really wanna hop on safemoon but this stuff is new to me. Thanks for any help!

  13. hey i’ve been watching the videos and I just want to get a taste of investing with like a hundred or few hundred do you or anyone suggest anything or have any tips, thanks
    edit: on top of that what’re the best sources to invest through with smaller amounts of money like this!

  14. Could you also talk about about Moontoken please? It launched 15 days ago and has outperformed safemoons first 15 days. Alot of people who missed out on safemoon are jumping on moontoken

  15. I bought $175 worth of bitcoin but it grows way too slow for me. I will invest that money in Safemoon on wednesday and just let it sit for a year.

  16. Is it definitely dipping on Wednesday and is it worth the wait to buy then or now?

  17. i find safemars better than safemoon tbh, developers, their projectn future plans, gains, everything xD

  18. Too bad I woke up this AM and all my safemoon is gone. Vanished from my trust wallet

  19. When it will dip down at the exchange listing, buy more at discount price 😉

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