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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. I’ll admit I watched SMJ for a while, then he became very annoying. Now that he did a 180, he thinks he can still ping the SM community and make a buck on YouTube. No thanks. I stopped following him on twitter and unsubscribed on YouTube. He’s free to say what he wants. I’m free to stop listening.

  2. He is being paid and fed info by bad actors likely even Coffeezilla himself. Now he’s recruiting for class action.

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  4. So you brag about blocking him on Twitter but yet his name is something you can’t stop talking about. You Safemoon holders are pathetic. Talking about ignore the “negativity and fud” but yet you can’t stop talking about it. Next time Crypto Control or Safemoon Joe is in a space y’all will be there creeping in the background with your burners. Like it or not, it’s in your mind and you can’t walk away from it. 😂😂

  5. Dam i didnt know jwk didnt like to question his investments smh worthless, especially if u getting ur facts from sam harris 🤣

  6. Because he saw the proof finally. I talked to generation crypto and once joe saw the proof that was the straw the broke the camels back. He didn’t actually see proof until now

  7. If SafeMoon Joe is 100% confident that Safemoon is corrupt, he should put all of his older videos on private/unlisted. Until then, it's kinda hard to trust this new version of himself. I did fuck with the positive videos though.

  8. 0:59

    Bro you are seriously out of your mind.

    Don’t ever compare Ethereum to the likes of Safemoon.

    Compare it to other lowcap Trash like Bonfire, SafeMars and all the Inu Shitcoins.

  9. Hey @jwkshow. I want to apologize. I did my own research. Joe has made it seem like john has just been bleeding safemoon dry this whole time. But you can check the gabe wallet. Even if he sold all of that bnb at its all time high he would have only made 2.392 million dollars. It begs the question why are all of the people claiming its a scam having to embelish figures?

  10. Am I the only one that actually never liked Joe ? For real he looks and sounds so stupid to me…

  11. When Safemoon Luis finally found out he couldn’t squeeze money out of the community he turned on everyone. SHOCKER!!

  12. Dude, even back in April 2021, I never liked safemoon Joe. He always seemed sketchy and I couldn’t stand listening to him speak.

  13. Lmao FUD? It’s straight up facts. Stopped 2 secs into your video . I think 1 minute into your previous video was enough to understand you’re completely full of 💩 and have non idea what you’re talking about . How are those dips btw ? Oh yeah remind you in 6 months … lol, fool.

  14. If you weren't going to call out Safemoon Joe as a convicted fraudster before when he was on your side, then why bring it up now when the info has always been publicly available?

    Ohhh, yeah..its because all the SFM holders live with blinders on in their own echo chamber

  15. Uhh no the question isn't why didn't Joe bring this up months ago… the question is why was the money taken from the lp why haven't the 100% been refunded and why haven't anything been done with psafemoon…

  16. He kicked me out of his live stream today =[ I guess he didn't like my questions

    Im not tired of ragging on Joe. Lol he deserves it.

  17. So you don’t question because it may take your bread and butter away if all true. So you keep pushing the token like enhance and whatever looser meme tokens you bought and push. You have no credibility and it shows by your subscriber base.

  18. Why you smearing Joe? Dox yourself or are you too scared? He has the balls to put himself out there, why can’t you? Joe brings up valid points that should be addressed. You’re trying to make money off Joe… that’s low, no respect or credibility in my eyes. I used to enjoy your show, I’m done listening to you.

  19. I appreciate you taking the time to defend our community against this fudder.

  20. Just think, safemoon Joe didn't even have a million safemoon, he just YouTube trapping and scamming trying every which way to get clicks and views even tried to get a job at safemoon ..they were like no way felon you can't work here.

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