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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. wtffffffffffff??? ppl still talking about safemoon?? jesus..imposters will do everything to pump their bags or get some views…

  2. How can anyone take you serious when it’s obvious Safemoon was and still is a scam. Karony is stealing from LP daily. You are a moron.
    Anything you try endorse will be looked upon as a joke !!!

  3. Ideas are easy to come by. Execution is what is difficult. John clearly has a tough time on that part

  4. I’m still doubtful due to the number of missed project release targets but I’m hopeful. Think what you want or JK but if he’s smart he will deliver on SM. Doing so would make him billionaire rich. If he fails he may even end up in Prison.

  5. So as usual John says nothing…Lot of down the road and hang in there and happy Halloween .John and company are a joke

  6. Safemoon is going where it was always intended to. Up down up down..5-7 years from now, up up. I'ma just hodl like always. No biggie

  7. I reject safemoon and hope karoney spends the rest of his life in prison. I bought ogsafemoon just to spite safemoon and saw an increase of over 200% this past weekend while sfm only went up 30%. You all are backing a failing token. Reject safemoon, embrace OGSAFEMOON

  8. Words are cheap. Actions speak volumes. I want to see less talky talky and hype for nothing and more REAL ACTION! from the SFM team. just saying.

  9. John tweeting his opinion on how he thinks orbital shield can benefit twitter means literally nothing.. johns just trying to excite the crowd for no reason, just as he has done so much in the past. He didn’t even tag twitter so they see it.

    Also, safemoon is an LLC. If John somehow managed to sell the rights of orbital shield to twitter, this will do absolutely nothing for the safemoon tokens fundamentals. Safemoon LLC owns the patent rights to orbital shield, not the token, so literally every cent from the transaction would belong to the LLC and shell companies, not the tokens liquidity pool.

    Do y’all think John would just donate all this money to the liquidity pool from the goodness of his heart?

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