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Join the Safemoon Knight in his cryptic adventure while he discusses the latest news of SAFEMOON and dismantling FUD wherever and whenever possible.

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Not Financial advice, just for entertainment purposes.

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  1. It's more than just a Binance listing. It has to do somthing with glotoks not just for Safemoon but for all tokens that have reflection feature. Just my opinion hehe

  2. I think Binance connect is to list those bsc tokens with reflections.. CEX with hot wallet cant handle the glotoks for those tokens so their implementing an on chain swap/trade inside their Exchange so that they can use their app to benefit from these tokens having reflections. 👀👀

  3. Thank goodness for Safemoon Knight! We desperately needed someone to promote and protect the community and SAFEMOON! Good riddance to that other guy who betrayed all of us!

  4. PLEASE use the volume off CMC correctly at 1.1 million, your videos use the wrong lower amounts. Volume has been 1-1.2 million for quite a while.

  5. Man I hope this podcast isnt like an interview. Podcasts are chilled out down to earch chit chat about people and current events speaking opinions and facts.

  6. Another awesome video.

    One small minor complaint if I may… Could you lower the volume of the sound effects in the background when you play audio clips from guys low Cats and Gandalf? It makes it harder to make out what they're saying.

  7. Ahh, the music at the end is great! And love your new bat 🦇 logo! Awesome video once again Knight!

  8. Awesome video comtent, keep up the good work. You know i think some had forgotten that Binance did say something months about tokenomics with their own coin. I think this whole thing is so much bigger than even we could fathom, due to theres alot we still dont know, and the masked restraint they are trying hard to hide. but thats just me i guess

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  10. SAFEMOON ARMY Patient and time will tell who will be the new listing!
    LET'S GO, things are looking good!

  11. What in the 6am black crow, foot fetish, dirty mango, electric wheelchair, West Virginia sister loving video did I run into?

  12. i hope you will not get corrupted like the others. Plus you need a new strong villain

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