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Join Safemoon Knight in his cryptic adventure while he discusses the latest news of SAFEMOON and dismantling FUD wherever and whenever possible.

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  1. Hhhmmmm safemoon knight. You have one powerful FIRST poach. 💭 POooW
    And once again you deserve. YES another BEER 🗯🍺

  2. SafeMoon continues to innovate so much and impress the crypto community. SafeMoon will be a top gainer in the next crypto bull run.

  3. I would have way more trust/respect for safemoon if we got a fraction of the engagement from John K. that we get from John G. an Don Bailey.

  4. To all you Democrats who owned FTX and lost everything, it's probably time to leave the Democrat party.

  5. Interesting how some come to leave salty comments. I guess it makes them feel good. If I don't like a content I don't watch it, I don't keep wasting my time coming back to it. The internet has made people too confortable. Keep up the good work man!

  6. Yo, Safemoon team. In light of current events. Give us the option to move our tokens to cold storage without the tax!!

  7. Well done S.K. well done!
    Once again fantastic update!
    Sub to them Knight he needs 2K for us to a chance for free BBTF . Let's Go!
    Staying SafeMoon Knight!!!!

  8. This is so Bullish for SafeMoon. As FTX crashes(and doge and other scam tokens rug pull once again) SafeMoon with its Orbital Shield will continue to become a MUCH safer place to put your money and rake in free reflections while you're waiting on the next big crypto pull market when SafeMoon reaches $1.00 per coin!

  9. No idea why you are not floating around 10k already. Great work and videos! Keep up the good work!

  10. You deserve way more views and likes. Keep up the good work. I know your a die hard safemoon Army general. Hopefully this FTX will Jumpstart the market. Either way I am in for the long haul. To the moon.

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