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Join the Safemoon Knight in his cryptic adventure while he discusses the latest news of SAFEMOON and dismantling FUD wherever and whenever possible.

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Not Financial advice, just for entertainment purposes.

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  1. Safemoon the biggest scam in crypto that everyone realizes except for the 5 IQ cultists

  2. Another great informative video Knight!! Love it. I will be tweeting it out as always, keep them coming.

  3. I have spoken to the lead bee in the hive . The bee said “ they are in and not going anywhere “ I felt that was a great compliment to the entire bee population of this world. I knew they were not lying when they said “no bees no honey”, hood-a-thunk? Food for thought , bees have flown longer than NASA has EVER existed don’t glue our wings to the paper! Good luck 🍀 #SAFEMOON aeronautic explorers . LFG 👀

  4. Looks like those who own safemoon and grove are going to be sitting sweet if in early…

  5. What security techonology does that guy know pf about Safemoon to give to his sister who works for security at NASA?? And what security? Door security? Cyber security?

  6. Everyone was going nuts when the Safemoon App was delayed, FUD all over. Now that its out, not a peep.
    Same goes, I think, for card and exchange

  7. You are top notch Knight! You instill a ton of confidence in this project and I believe in it! Lead us to the promised land brother!

  8. Can you do a rebuttal to CryptoControl's latest, he is bringing up many good points. YouTube community seems to be turning a blind eye and that is not helpful at all

  9. This is called a slow rugg.. (after a quick pump and dump launch). Millions have been taking under your noses and ppl still buying it.. no big investors will ever want to join this crap token..its done..the only ones that are buying it still n hold forever are the investors that been stuck since last year.

  10. Great Viedo!
    Love the SafeMoon Central plug 🔌 he plugged 🔌 SafeMoon Knight many times

  11. What in the ludicrous speed, inter-galaxy, James Webb, holy green bell pepper did I run into?

  12. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine anderek Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  13. @SafeMoon Knight,
    I'm at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Florida and have been promoting #SafeMoon 🌛 at most of the Rocket Launches. 🚀 Thanks for the Information.☑ Keep up the Great Work.🆗 Thumbs up 👍

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