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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. Good news as always friend. I love how the way you explain about this. Keep it up!

  2. I love how SafeMoon is still holding up well with all the same zeros intact, while the whole crypto market is crashing all year. SafeMoon showing great strength and a potential top gainer in the next crypto bull market!

  3. "Paid fudders" do not exist. That is not a real thing.
    Paid promoters do exist and they work through sock puppet accounts where 1 person controls many "people" to try and convince you to buy some garbage. Read the posts here and look for responses that seem like they come from a can. Dont fall for their bullsh*t. And child molester Simon is their king

  4. Awesome video.. <I'm glad I make over twenty thousand dollars weekly trading with the assistance of my financial adviser.'

  5. This gutter clown coin dipped to 0.0002498… reaching new lows day after day…. avoid it like a shark infested swimming pool!

  6. Currently at break even with my original investment in March 2021, no point in selling, held through ATH, could've taken 20k profit from 400 but didn't, fuck holding. Never make this mistake again.

  7. side note: anyone else notice we are out commenting the bitcoin scammers that plague all crypto vid comments sections? i mean… i dont like you sfm maxies but maybe we can come together and keep them down together lol

  8. if we make an exception for last october, can anyone show a green month that safemoon has had since june 2021? (by the way thats months before the rest of the market crashed)

  9. I just smoked man lol. This is a crazy ride. SFM news is wild. If we pull out of this the documentary will be #1 on Netflix.

  10. 💼Even with the current dip in crypto currency's, I'm so happy I can smile back at my portfolio of $63,180 built from my weekly trade😊, I'm having my 4th withdrawal in 7 business days… 😘

  11. Safemoon are a gutter clown coin with little volume and a price warp speeding into the gutter. Smart investors invest in other coins. AVOID!

  12. Lol! They are almost 2 years old and they're just now just getting started. When will the lies ever end?

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