Safemoon Partners Blockbusters, Grovetoken, MetFx

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  1. Creators of the SafeMoon crypto-token are facing a third class action complaint alleging they defrauded investors by artificially inflating the price of the tokens through false statements about the digital asset’s financial safety.

    SafeMoon LLC also illegally sold the tokens by failing to register them as securities with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, according to the complaint filed Tuesday in the US District Court for the District of Utah.

  2. These are all pump an dump coins/tokens, if you go into any of these knowing that an get in early you will be fine. Just pay attention so you dump it at the best possible time.

  3. Please how do I buy blockbuster token with my Android,still finding it difficult

  4. I bought some of this token at a very low price, did not sell even a coin when at its peak few days ago. Will open the wallet in 2 years and sell it at any price it would be. For me buying a crypto is just like making a wine, we cant enjoy it till it rest for a certain period.

  5. Just shit coins for the SWAP. Like who is going to use the blockchain when it comes out. There will be so many with better and less lazy teams behind them. They are such a joke.

  6. Same boat have doubled my money and pulled that. And kept about 52 billion tokens

  7. Firstly, thanks for the shoutout! I had a plan on increasing my bag on payday (Friday)… BUT I don't think PRESALE will last that long because I just found out that their Hard Cap limit is about to hit!!! Had to buy more now! People better hurry!
    Bread and water for me the next few days lol

  8. Welldone very good information, should put alot of people straight.
    Grove all the way.

  9. is there a certain limit I can buy? lets just say I'd like to put a Hundred bucks just to see?

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