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  1. Pump? Coingecko shows safemoon dropped the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, year to date

  2. the best part is we all knew it was artificial. and in a bear market we knew people were gonna run. awesome opportunity to double my bag hahaha

  3. It's a pity a lot of people never had any faith in bitcoin mostly when it comes to bitcoin day trading because of fear to lose their investment. To be on a safer side it is wise to trade under the umbrella of a pro trader who would provide guidance and accurate predictions for good daily earnings and so far have been successful in trading since i started following Nathan Zachary's daily signals and guidance. However winning has been on my side and have been able to grow my portfolio 💼 with total profits of 5.8 btc.

  4. Safemoon hasn’t produce anything only disappointment n more disappointment

  5. The big pump was mainly V1 to V2 LP migration. No tax =no reflections but all the tokens go to the burn wallet

  6. I can not get in ny wallet as for some reason it reverted back to the begining as tho ive just downloaded it . I put my 12 words in which i know are correct but it says they are wrong . And says open a new one , if i open a new one will i loose all my 775,000 coins thats in my original wallet that i can not get into .

  7. I have no other choice but to stay in lol I'm down (ON EVERYTHING). New investment strategy – Whatever I invest in, do the opposite and you'll make money.

  8. more tech…….they have no tech. they want to hire people from the internet that they already ripped off. what a fucking joke

  9. They buy just one million from pancake lp ,it is still 6 millions there. Tonight they will continue to buy rest . I think one million every day.

  10. I was kinda hoping to drop to 1 or add a zero to get a real nice price on a few million adding to my bag.

  11. The sould of wait the end of the crash before anoncing mandala, what a waist. +23% after – 1000% loss.

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