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SafeMoon SWAP Launching EXCLUSIVE New Project!

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SafeMoon’s twitter account has announced that they will be launching exclusively a new crypto project on the SafeMoon SWAP soon!

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  1. hello sir make review on bitsubishi which is currently in presale , if you found it good then try to share the review sooner so i'll have chance to join the presale,i'll wait

  2. Safemoon can do multiple things at once. Btc pairing on swap is obviously a priority.

  3. The week we thought they would launch cross chain there was a cross chain hack for 600 million. I think this made them take a step back to assure security of cross chain.

  4. What it means is it will only be able to be sold on the Safemoon Swap for two weeks. It cannot be sold on any other exchange for two weeks.

  5. Doesn’t it mean that you’ll only be able to buy Hyper Launch on SafeMoon Swap for the first two weeks, before it’s available on other exchanges?

  6. This is a joke . Do you really believe that the Safemoon team are focused on creating utility and growth for the token right now?? Lol they are in damage control!!! And the boss has gone missing!!!! How about you name your next video "Where's Karony gone!!" Whats he doing?!! Why hasn't he personally responded to these allegations!! That's what I'm really interested in.

  7. It means that the token being launched will only be available on Safemoon Swap for at least two weeks.

    There was an issue obviously with the cross-chain swap. Possibly related to pSafemoon or the tax issue.

  8. I think they mean exclusive to the safe moon swap only and then after 2 weeks it will be listed on other places. I don't think it will prevent safe move swap from listing other projects

  9. I keep on getting $380,000 every week from a new trading platforms in town.

  10. Agreed! We need to hear more from SFM and more often, especially with all the expectations they created and the recent FUD, however illegitimate.

  11. Hyper launch means the token is exclusive to Safemoon DEX for two weeks. The token will not be added to another exchange for two weeks.

  12. Guessing after presale the public launch for projects would be hosted exclusively on SFM Swap for a "minimum" of 2 weeks before it behins appearing on other exchanges.

  13. Agree….Swap and Evolve….Cross Chain Swap….etc….etc!! Where are they!!

    Then too…..they just added a new PR Company to handle PR. BUT….again.

    The new PR DEPARTMENT is silent…no PR, is yet being offered on any projects!! AND…. Yes….we've heard SAfe
    Moon works hard, on building projects.

    Ok….but no projects are released. They worked hard to get an awesome PR Dept. But…the PR DEPARTMENT, doesn't release PR!!!

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