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SafeMoon TEASING “X” Change?

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SafeMoon tweets out a series of messages of which 1 in particular has caught the attention of many in the community wondering if there could be a hidden message.

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  1. Space bar + X= Space X =Elon musk. I don’t know wat that means because safemoon just keeps talkin about stuff that never happens but I’m sure they are tryin to promote Elon musk to us. Probly nothing goin to happen though. I’m still holding and don’t know why😤 but I guess I ride this wave to zero.

  2. Sure they are 😂 And even if they are who cares 🙄 At this point an exchange isn’t a big deal at all. It’s par for the course. And we all know It’s not going to be innovative if they do manage to get their act together long enough to actually release a product. It will just be a copy and paste piece of 🗑 and nothing but white noise in a crowded crypto market that rewards innovation and progress. Both of which SM has proven time and time again they are incapable of. Haven’t you people figured out it’s 💯 dead? 😂 I swear you’re the saddest group of investors ever 🤡

  3. Given you are a SM shill without an ability for critical thought of course this sort of nonsense excites you.

  4. I always took it as the X has arms on it so thats hugs and O is a kiss since is round like when you form your lips for a kiss 😊. Not too worried about the early speculations as they’ve and you have said. Orbital shield and lots coming prior so HODL

  5. X in latin numerals is 10, so maybe in 10 days, weeks, years, decades, milenia there will be a safemoon CEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dream isn't even to become a millionaire,it's just to make enough money where I feel comfortable to not only meet my financial needs but also support my family stress free.😃👨‍💻👋

  7. We as investors are good #SAFEMOONARMY this is why it was in our best interest to explore the options provided on the swap .. those who have are and have been unaffected by all that’s been going on . 💯🚀🌕🧘🏽‍♂️ – SAFEMOONTRS

  8. We as investors are good #SAFEMOONARMY this is why it was in our best interest to explore the options provided on the swap .. those who have are and have been unaffected by all that’s been going on . 💯🚀🌕🧘🏽‍♂️ – SAFEMOONTRS

  9. If they would have had the exchange out everyone would have just took their assests off because of FTX . They been twalking about CEX not being safe because of what they seen in the space and wanted to make their own … you see why as it unfurls in front of everyone🧘🏽‍♂️🚀🌕Great chess players can see several moves ahead if not the entire game and what’s needed to win (chess not checkers) – SAFEMOONTRS 🐐

  10. Don't expect anything this year. They will never launch products in a bear market. 2024 perhaps if not bankrupt before…

  11. Unfortunately, every day with SafeMoon is the same. I’m not trying to FUD here, I’m just looking at the facts. Endless broken promises, endless missed releases, and now what? We’re told the exchange is coming out by the end of this year, well if it is, marketing should’ve started by now already. it’s clear they do not know what they are doing. Arrogance is not a qualification or a proof of concept. JK is arrogant and seems to learn nothing from his mistakes. Zero communication, very poor project now. I think it’ll pick up, but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Safemoon might cancel that 1000 trials and just open the Orbital shield to the whole public. After all, trials have been going on for months. And many versions have been created due to results of the trial from different individuals.

  13. My guess that the X stands for Xmas??? I am thinking Safemoon will deliver by Christmas and say its our gift. What do you think about that idea, Crypto Atlas???

  14. The "X"…is referencing…Space X!! As Space X is coming down to a few more days, to 3 or 4 weeks or so. When they finish testing and have NASA's approval to test launch the new Space X, Starship. That will complete a test orbit of earth. And once that orbit launch is completed. Then SpaceX will launch to the moon, for NASA. Carrying Geometeric Energy's…Blockchain Satellite and communications satellite. That operates on crypto technology.

    And when that satellite launches. SafeMoon will then launch all of their products. And advertising from the moon will be displayed in Times Square on the Safmoon billboard. Which is what Darkmoon Tim and I put it all together as to what SafeMoon is doing last year.

    And when that video went live from Darkmoon Tim. John Karony made the statement that….'Somebodys getting very close.'

    Even Mr. Adult commented that…."When we release rhe SafeMoon Card. Believe me…we will market it around the world, and all thru the universe."

    A very odd statement about the universe. And then in all the owl clues…..they always showed a CONSTELLATION in the night sky. Constellations is what SpaceX calls their Starlink Satellites. As they are placed in different constellations over different parts of the world. Which people do see at night.

    Which those Satellites are a decentralized block chain system. Which right now. Elon and his Twitter engineers. Are reprogramming the whole Twitter Software Stack. Taylored to run on blockchain, and the Starlink Web 3. To be a Super App program. To do it all….communications…social media…decentralized banking…etc..etc. Just as the WeChat super does. And on has said this many times. That he ought to buy Twitter to make a super app out of it.

    Because Starlink is getting built out. And Starlink needs a super application to be the core software running thru Starlink. Even John Karoney admittedly confirmed SafeMoon has involvement in the deep space crypto satellite that will be going to the moon on the Space X Starship, when it's finished be built….and it's now…very close to completion.

    Sooo….when all the SFM members talk about going to the moon….they really mean it!! And the X of Space X, will get it there.

    And just as SafeMoon says they'll launch their products by the end of the year….so does Elon Musk and Space X….say the samething.



  15. ‌It's a pity many people still believe that, making profit from crypto is all about holding till it rises, honestly it takes time and could crash at anytime.

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