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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  2. Let's all give our money to a professional HACKER. Sure. Ok. LOL!

    Are people even hearing themselves? That's like saying, "…this guy used to infiltrate highly secure systems, so he knows how to SUCCEED at stuff!!!"

    We're really using "he was a professional HACKER" as a selling point to trust him? LMAOOOOOOOOOO!! Stop it before all of your wallets get hacked and you'll be like, "…we have no idea who did it. Must've been the Russians!"

    …or could have been the professional hacker with a team of hackers making sure they have access to Safemoon systems. Hmmmmmm.

  3. I keep saying John karony is confuse this is how he promoted other workers he sacked john is confuse he cannot lead us to the promise land

  4. Please stop w this nonsense. Karony is a clown. Safemoon is a slow rug pull. Or just a means for Karony to fund his own LLC company. Holders get left holding the bag. Token is worthless.

  5. Bro is it me or ….
    from one video to the next you change the vibes…..it gets a little confusing and annoying.

  6. Lets stop putting JK on a pedestal! Please. He has not delivered and has been consistently late on deliverables.
    24 days into birthday month and the only thing we received was an extra zero! Way over hyped! Deliver please!

  7. Waaaay……over hyped!!!

    If these two new additions are now…"THE WIZARDS." Then why didn't SafeMoon hire them before. Instead of Thomas…who was…."THE WIZARD."

    Then supposedly Thomas, for months, was building out the blockchain!!! Then we come to find out….nothing was built. Thomas left!!! And everyone dumped on Thomas!! Ok…!!!

    Then we had Ryan!! Who was suppose to be ultra focused; logical….and a Gift From God, to SafeMoon!! Ok….but then Ryan was suddenly pushed out the door. As was the earlier dev team members.

    BUT NOW…..!! We've got 2 NEW WIZARDS Of The Chain!!!!!! That these are heaven and earth combined!!!

    Believe me!!! To believe these two are THE best blockchain security system people that are THE WIZARDS!!!! Is so misdirected thinking!! Because there are tons of blockchain systems analysts out there. That will make your head spin, in what they can do!!! I mean….the US NSA will make your head spin, in technology!!

    I mean…I have a huge background. Advanced degrees all over. Chemistry, Physics, Genetic Physiology, Law, Bio-Med. I've overseen some of the most advanced electronic tech, for the government. And am building out the next company.

    Ok….!!!! NOW….and this is utterly UNBELIEVABLE!! People are quoting the earlier Dev Team Members…who were pushed out the SafeMoon door. And then lambasted in disgrace by the SafeMoon Army. As being loosers….!!!!
    But now….these lambasted Dev Team Loosers, are being quoted. (By the very same people who called them loosers.)

    These supposed SafeMoon Dev Team looters. Are being quoted. As certifying these two new people really are…The Wizards!!!

    To funny!!!!! What are all these people smoking!! Your quoting who you deemed loosers….that they are the experts….that knows the two new additions are THE WIZARDS!!😱😱😱

    It's like the blind leading the blind!!

    All we know is what a resume says!!!!!
    The only WIZARDS that exist!!! Are those people who get the job done!!!!! And all are previous SafeMoon Wizards were fired. Because they supposedly can't get it done. The Wizards blew up in one poof, of smoke!!

    Karony is over hyping this again!!!! Blowing smoke….that the SafeMoon Army likes to get hi on!!!

    Resumes mean absolutely, nothing. What It all comes done to is…Get-The-Job-Done!!!!!

    This is like one Fairy Tale Book after the next!! One Wizard after the next. But NOW…..we've got 2 Wizards!!!

    And who says so?????

    The very same people who John Karony fired, because, they couldn't get the job done!!!

    Too frick'n funny!!!!!😂🤣 And also stupidly sad, how everybody keeps buying into the same Wizard Fairy Tale!!!

    It's all very simple….."Get The Job Done"!!


  8. Yes Karony was a military mastermind now he is applying his abilities to safemoon.

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