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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. SafeMoon is starting to scream “Theranos” to me. Put 25k in. Now a couple hundred dollars. Revolving door there and nothing to show. Just a screen shot every couple months. Sad. Going to OGsafemoon

  2. You're either really dumb and don't k ow what your talking about or a disengious ass. It bumped up because BNB went up. You youtubers are desperate.

  3. Thats because all prices are going up. We are close to a reverse from bear to bull. Probably around december.

  4. The Pleasant Grove, Utah office is CLOSED as I live 15 mins away, Lawsuits and more on the way. I was in this from the beginning. SCAM. Good luck 👍

  5. Should I wait to buy more bro when do you think the exchange and blockchain coming out just curious on your thoughts

  6. Safemoon going nowhere but down. John has scammed you all. Simon lost his shirt. Volume has died with the swap scam coins. worthless and zero soon.

  7. Great Job JWK. I love that you keep shilling this SHITCOIN and support that criminal who is rugpulling long term!!

  8. We all hope for major releases by the end of this year. We are on track for success and I'm thinking bigger than Binance eventually and us early Holder's will have massive return's. Must be patient and stay positive.

  9. JMK is the real one! He never abandoned the ship like other YouTubers.
    Bitcoin HODLers went through beginning at their time.

  10. Me and my $300 worth of safemoon that was once worth 20k are just like…. ok. lol.

  11. Seems like the best place for the fudders to move to is The Gambia, since it's gonna be the wealthiest part of Africa soon since they switched their currency to SafeMoon. matt, brett, cornhole, my myself, scorp, defi scammer…..are you guys moving from your village to the Gambia to get out of your thatch fud huts?

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