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  1. Why are ya'll so dumb to still not invest atleast 10$ in safeblast and investing in all the shitty coins 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. We are rocking the house. Love this technology and it's exciting to see and watch our growth into the stratosphere.

  3. Don't think this is the case anymore the price is the same as it was. I've checked and 50k Safemoon is worth around .15 BNB. Pretty sure this was althe glitch/hack yesterday.

  4. Safemoon army come and join the party shibnobi price pumping higher everyday.just like safemoon when it started.😊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  5. Hey I deleted my safemoon wallet and it updated automatically when I reinstalled it… Now when i log in, I have $0 dollars/0 safemoon in my wallet. what should I do? My safemoon is missing but my app says its v2. Please Help!!!!

  6. Someone please talk to me. I lost my safemoon . I redownload the app automatically they asked to import wallet or create a New wallet . I import my wallet and use my phrase words to sync my wallet and it’s not showing neither V1 or v2 . It’s sayin zero. Reminder my tokens was already in safemoon wallet- all I did was redownload

  7. relax guys, going to v2 you still have the exact same valued of safemoon as before. you didnt lose money and u didnt gain money, its a proportional change.

  8. I lost all my safemoon. Noting is reflecting. All I did was deleted the app reinstalled then it jus ass me to create a new wallet and or import I click import then it asked for passphrase to move forward I put in my safemoon pass phrase. Keep it mind that all my safemoon was on the safemoon wallet so why the hell I can’t see my safemoon neither v1 or 2 showing . It’s jus plain 0

  9. My safe moon is lost – you can’t tell me that I re download the app and they asked me to import . I did that along with my pass phrase and all my safe moon was lost . I had it stored in safe moon app not other wallets . So why the hell redowloading would make me lose my token

  10. How long we'll we get to migrate to v2 I have one app complete but the other I can't for a week

  11. I feel this consolidation and value trick they did turned me off pretty badly on safemoon. I liked the coin because I only needed either 1 cent or a dollar to be happy but now 10 dollars or more in value just to get what 1 cent in v1 was gonna give.

    I wasn’t trying to stay invested for 10 years… but now i guess I am. This is really stupid. To go from a billion to 1 million but somehow these need to go to $10 to give you what 1 cent was it’s just disgusting

  12. I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get a person who invested with her
    Comment below
    Let's go

  13. These prices arent what you think right now. Everyone has to be brought over and the liquidity pool needs transfered over before you have exact prices.

  14. so many good things coming. we will be a household name. the technology being implemented is incredible.

  15. But I'm confused a friend of mine's converted Harvey want to be too and she lost money on her wallet so this is a little crazy I mean I still support safe mode I'm still holding it until they get the glitches out

  16. Can I transfer my bitmart safemoon amount into the centralized exchange and get such increase ?

  17. So what will happen with SAFEMOON V1 IS ON COINMARKET CAP RANK 220?

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