SAFEMOON : What is a BLOCKCHAIN? How does Blockchain work?

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SAFEMOON : What is a BLOCKCHAIN? How does Blockchain work? SAFEMOON BLOCKCHAIN HISTORY! In honor of Thomas “PAPA” Smith. The SAFEMOON coin is creating its own blockchain. The safe moon token new blockchain will revolutionize its capabilities to scale and create an entire ecosystem on the safe moon blockchain. Thomas “PAPA” Smith of the SAFEMOON development team is creating a safe moon blockchain that will enable smart contracts similar to the blockchain BEP20 and the Etherium ERC 20 network. by having a safe moon blockchain we will be limited by Thomas “PAPA” smith’s imagination and skills only. The SAFEMOON CRYPTOCURRENCY COIN will have great features on the newly created safe moon blockchain by Thomas “papa” smith.

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I am not a professional and this is not professional advice. This is all my opinion and pure entertainment. If you want advice seek a credited professional for which I am not. Cheers


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  1. Great Fxxxing explanation brother.
    I loved it.
    Can you explain now Generation 2 please?
    It's really hard for me to explain it to my friends.

  2. Adam.. love your content and videos! Can you do us a huge favor though? Invest in a good quality Microphone? It’ll improve your sound (and ours) a thousand percent and make it so much easier to hear you! Respect and love to you for what you do! Have a great day!

  3. I just got rid of all my safemoon. I believe Adam is a paid representative of the company. I lost 40 percent of my original investment but was glad to get anything back.

  4. Bro, your knowledge is out of this world man. I hope to sit down and have coffee with you one day and just soak your information

    Amazing work brother

  5. My apologies if this has been answered already, but if I have Safemoon on an exchange, will I be assessed the 10% tax if I transfer my Safemoon from the exchange to the Safemoon wallet?

  6. Adam. Your explanation of things is great. But its hard to hear your voice because of the echo. You should get a mic. 👍

  7. Great stuff Adam.
    My concern is security & hackability In the near future seeing that quantum computing is just around the corner. Wondering what the devs in all arenas are doing to secure their platforms and technologys.

  8. Always great information and extremely good at explaining things, especially dumbing it down for noobs. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Investing in crypto now should be in the every wise individual's list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today"

  10. You did a very good job here brother, I was live with you yesterday when you analysed it all.

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