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  1. Oh man not cool what's so ever making content just becouse u can , first of all Bryan didn't post anything on Twitter, 2nd he didn't scam anyone ppl just talking shit , his projects failed and what u do when u fail at something u try again he tried to repay ppl their $ but some of them did not get the memo , and didn't u think if u scamed some ppl don't u think u wouldn't want to show youre face again or even show his ID or even do KYC come one bro , if u gonna create content do BETTER RESURCH THEN WHAT U DID , Thanks have a great day

  2. SAFUU is one project I highly recommend! Go watch Bryan Legend’s AMAs. He answers all the questions we all ask and covers all his bases.

  3. You are yet again ANOTHER reviewer who did no research, And the worst part is it is all right in front of you! Lol… I mean dude… You said all this crap… then STOP when you it was time to say… OK let me see what Bryan has said… no… you just went with the FUD you read… and that was it. You have no idea what you are talking about. Every bit of information you have presented in this video is pure crap that is not true. Then you are throwing about the word scam like … Dude… Bryan has OPENLY spoken about the FAILED projects he was in. Yes… failed projects. And all of the forks you spoke about that turned out to be scams are NOT SAFUU…. Yes about 200 other forks have formed copying Safuu and they have rugged everyone. Bryan himself has warned EVERYONE to NOT BE A PART OF THOSE cuz they will rug you. And they basically all have done just that. Bryan said it over and over and over again to STAY AWAY FROM THEM. But did you know that? DId you even know that Bryan has a Youtube Channel? My man… WTF are you doing? DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING A VIDEO LIKE THIS.

  4. I think people are getting this wrong. Just because Safuu did not make it on the SAFEMOON swap does not mean it's a scam. That just means that Safuu fell short short on the vetting process for whatever reason. So best to Safuu but the way the CEO of Safuu reacted was trash 🗑️. Like bro you have people investing in both SAFEMOON and Safuu yet you are trying to trash Safemoon just because you did not pass their vetting process. That part I did not like. John handled it way better saying it did not work out but best of luck 🤞. Yet the CEO from Safuu said they were acting like immature kids yet his statement was very unprofessional and immature. I still wish all with Safuu the best and Safemoon army. We need to not fud out own 💰.

  5. SAFUU is an excellent project. Please do a deep dive on Safuu and then do another video. I think you will be happy with what you find. Safemoon obviously has to defend themselves in some way shape or form.

  6. I suggest you do more research on Safuu other than their website. Look at all his AMA’s ….. Certik is just part of the opposition trying to bring Safuu down however it’s still holding its weight. Bryan Legend will go down in history with this project. You should spend more than an hour researching a project and it’s CEO before you make these statements and assumptions.

  7. I can't stand it when people tand people talk in a public forum and they have no idea what they're talking about they don't do the Proper research. So you're going to use the certic audit autumn which they didn't even complete the audit and not talk about the other 2 audits that they had that were fine. I also wish people would get over the idea that every failed project is a scam, This is so sophomoric. There are thousands of businesses that are started and failing everyday Just because They have failed does not make them a scam. I really don't think a scammer is going to put his face out there almost every day doing live AMA's And actually show his legal ID on the AMA Unless the man is a fool or just has a death wish. I also really don't think a scammer is going to spend the money to not sponsor but sponsor but own a racing team On the English circuit and also partner with a reputable English company That's a household name. You should really actually listen to the AMA's by the CEO so that you know what you're talking about. Don't just be another sheep that blindly follows the hurt be an independent thinker. I'm out

  8. Safemoon is the One .. best mechanism of all of them , best transparent CEO I had ever experienced .. I believe Safuu will go places.. take it from the old crypto vet .

  9. Safuu is a great project.
    There is no evidence at all that Bryan Legend defrauded anyone.

  10. Good to see someone putting out sensible content. I was warning people about SAFUU and very glad to see safemoon and CERTIK rejected them.

  11. Yeah but there's been lots of forks other projects that Certik approved that have rugges projects need come out and be like Brian legend do videos needs to be some sort of standard something goes wrong they can suffer the conseuences

  12. Haven’t heard about ur channel till you said Safuu in your thumbnail either
    Please tell me the use case behind safemoon. Besides a wallet ….
    Certik delisted safemoon aswell
    Certik just approved elephant token and it rugged
    Safuu has over 140k holders so I care less if you heard about it a nobody
    And if you watch his videos he address his fail projects
    You just made a video about fud and use Safuu on your thumbnail for views disgusting do proper research
    Whole market is down and Safuu is doing well but you just can’t stop the fud can you

  13. Safemoon and Certik was rejected Safuu bec of the history of the team. Bryan failed 3 projects previously claiming that many people believed to have been rugged. Imagine a reputable CERTIK will reject you even though certik itself got 2 approved contract previously got rugged as well.

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