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Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves on PowerDAO, DAO’s and Governance | Blockchain Interviews

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Ashton Addison speaks with Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves, on their development of the PowerDAO, governance solutions in Web3, DAO functionalities, how decentralized governance works for centralized exchanges, the FTX insolvency, and how DAO’s can apply to charity and real world organizations.

Learn more: https://waves.tech/

The interview is available on Reuters Insider/Refinitiv TV: https://refini.tv/3GeTl0P

& Investment Pitch Media: http://www.investmentpitch.com/video/1_1i0yyd9w/Sasha-Ivanov-Founder-of-Waves-on-PowerDAO-DAOs-and-Governance-Blockchain-Interviews

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