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Savanna Finance – MM Finance Launch & Staking Guide (Cronos Tomb Fork)

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Savanna Finance is on the Crypto.com Cronos blockchain over on MM Finance. SVN, MSHARE & MBOND will make up the Savanna Tomb Fork protocol and create the MM DAO. SVN is a mirror token of MMF.

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0:00 – SVN Launch
1:17 – Previous Video Amendment
1:50 – MM Finance Medium
2:31 – Launch Price Action
4:19 – SVN.Finance
7:38 – Staking & Forming LP
9:37 – Whitepaper
11:14 – Why launch SVN?
13:07 – How is the SVN tomb fork different?
14:54 – Verified Links
15:18 – Tokens
16:58 – Staking Specifics
18:14 – MBONDs
19:40 – DAO
20:49 – FAQs
27:19 – Closing Thoughts

My Twitter – https://twitter.com/TyLuckyOfficial
MM.Finance Referral Link – https://mm.finance/?ref=MHgyRTU5MEQ3YzJjMUE1MTZGNjg3OTFmM2QxMUU0MGZBRTIwNjlBZWYw

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The opinions and information presented in this video are strictly my own. The content provided in this video is informational in nature and does not constitute financial advice, advice of any other nature, nor a call to action to purchase cryptocurrency assets of any kind. It is the responsibility of the viewer to conduct independent research and due diligence before making any financial or investment decisions related to the subject matter published on this channel.


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  1. Final numbers for the launchpad event: $26.7 M raised (2643% oversubscribed). Immediate sell-off of excess MMF to be expected but know the next launchpad is soon – February 16th!

  2. TyLucky I have a question for you; bare in mind I'm still a novice to DeFi. Is staking SVN-MMF in the Mad Meerkat vault the same as staking SVN-MMF on Savanna Finance? If not, would you please explain the difference?

  3. Hey I was wondering when I connect my mm wallet don't I need to create a custom token for svn and mmf etc.? And if so how?

  4. I recently found out your channel and I love it – usually the smaller channels are more valuable than big ones.

    I really want to understand what you are saying but I am having a really hard time. I am new to DeFi and you're talking about such complex processes and programing and protocols like you're commenting on the weather.

    Can you please point me to a good resource where I can educate myself in regards to DeFi, liquidity providing and any other forms of earning returns? Maybe a good article/sub/forum/video, any thing?

  5. Following my previous comment from an earlier video i'm glad you stuck with it man – No one really is hitting as much topics as you on Cronos yet and it still has a long way to go! Thanks for the video.

  6. Great job brother this project has changed my life and I love this video. Please keep posting I am subscribed and I share the heck out of your videos and always leave a like!

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  8. I have mad respect for you for doing all these informative videos. Keep up the good work

  9. Your videos are amazing dude! Very informative is this fast changing space. Thanks for doing this.

  10. Great recap. It is my belief that a project like this, with some complexity, requires community buy in to function well. As you go into detail, there is a lot of credibility around the MMF team. I do think of this as the central piece to their long term goals which should allow it to thrive over the long term. Short term there will be some crazy outcomes as the liquidity locust effect happens, and people will be calculating where SVN crests the farthest from peg and there will likely be some sell offs. However, the community is solid here and MMF has a stellar track record (in comparison to many DEFI projects) so that belief and the price interaction between the supporting assets (MMF/SVN) may well be enough to really give this thing some solid legs and not insane volatility out of the gate. Good times.

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