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Savanna Finance (MMF) – Best Investment on Cronos / / CRO (TOMB FORK)

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CRO | Cronos Chain | MMF | NFT | SVN | TOMB
This video covers one of my favorite investments – Savana Finance (SVN) on the Cronos Chain. SVN is a fork of TOMB on Fantom Chain and offers incredible APR’s and investment opportunity.

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Links below!
MMF Exchange:

Two Strategies:
1. Purchase MMF and SVN on ( )
– Take the MMF and SVN and provide liquidity on MMF
– Take the LP tokens and stake them in the MMO vault and earn 100,000% APY. This will autocompound so you don’t have to touch it again until you want to withdraw. The longer you leave it in the vault the faster it will compound
2. The other strategy has two routes you can take. The first would be to take the LP tokens from (1) and stake them in the “Desert” on savana finance to earn MSHARE. Then everyday claim the MSHARE and stake the MSHARE in the “Oasis” section to earn SVN. Now, everyday you will claim MSHARE from “Desert” and SVN from “Oasis”. What you then want to start doing is take the SVN you earn from “Oasis”, sell half of it to MMF, and then add more liquidity with SVN-MMF and deposit it into “Desert” to earn more MSHARE/day. Repeat, repeat, repeat. You can also choose to purchase majority of MSHARE and stake that in “Oasis” first instead of depositing into “Desert” first. That choice is up to you!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 MMF
1:13 SVN intro
2:24 SVN Investments and Strategy
7:16 Adding SVN-MMF LP
8:36 Stake SVN-MMF LP
9:37 MMO Strategy
12:44 MMF, MSHARE, SVN Price action
15:02 Tokenomics
16:32 veMMF
18:02 Closing


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  1. Great video. Quick question, where does the SVN go after you claim it? I can’t find it.

  2. Awesome thank you for sharing I need to watch this several times to sponge soak it all in I’m a bit slow I’m going to give it a go starting with the auto pilot. 🤙❤️🙏

  3. Nice video! Savanna Finance will soon see a visitor on the CRONOS network! Printer Financial. Its a free and instant crosschain bridge between FTM, BSC, and AVAX. More chains coming soon (CRONOS next). Try the bridge once and see for yourself

  4. Is the only reason you do the LP stake and the Mshare stake to diversify you investments? If I’m filling wrong please let me know. But it seems like you would be better off just doing the Mshare stake then swapping the SVN reward to Mshare and adding more to the stake each time. The Mshare stake is 2.7% daily and the LP stake is 1.94% currently.

  5. Tanks for your video easy to understand please which of yoir video did you talk about auto compounding , I'm new to all this please if you can refer me to the video where you talk about mmoptimizee

  6. Awesome video! Thanks for the tutorial. Y'all done sleep on this guy his videos are fire. Most informative crypto page by far

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial. I would like to know exatly how much lucrative is the strategy of compound in desert/oasis over the auto-compound in Vaults. Sory my terrible english… Thank you.

  8. Is there much of a risk of impermanent loss with this project? I initially staked in the mmo-cro liquidity pool on mmf finance but have noticed your strategy seems a lot more lucrative. I'm quite new to defi and the only other project I've dabbled in is the maiar exchange on elrond network but this seems much better so far

  9. Good job dude. I got in before svn finance and have seen my initial $800 grow I'm so happy with the team and what there doing. I hope other crypto defi services follow suit.

  10. I am new in this kind of investment but would like to try and learn. Do we have to get in fast? Is the first thing to invest is in the genesis pool? Is it where high returns will be made fast?

  11. This was a good video describing the way to take advantage of this protocol. But I think a more step by step instructional video would be helpful for newer investors like me. Wish I would've jumped in earlier like you though. I'm staking my MMO to earn WCRO at 1095+%

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