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SBF Created Shiba Inu?

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What is going on trip Army it is Ahmed and I am back today with yet another video for you on today guys I just wanted to drop in real quick based off some of the things that are going around social media regarding SPF or Sam bankman freed being ryoshi or

The developer and founder of Shiba Inu now remember as always I like to preface by saying that I’m not a financial advisor rather I would always like to put you guys on the plays that I’m in and if you are new around here make sure you smash that

Like button down below and consider subscribing to the channel this morning on Twitter of course I woke up to some things about bit boy crypto creating a video regarding Shiba inu’s founder SPF and then a lot of different individuals coinbase Director people on social media spreading this kind of information

Now I did send this tweet out and say and I wrote it doesn’t matter who found a chip we are all ryoshi now remember that over thirty one thousand five hundred people saw that exact tweet but we’re gonna dive in and talk about why in my opinion it doesn’t really

Matter but I really don’t think SBF is truly ryoshi and if he is it’s not ideal but the market reacted as it did there wasn’t a huge sell-off there wasn’t any big scare we’re actually recovering quite nicely over the last day as we saw shibarium is on the way sometime this week we’re

Expecting the beta the beta test net to go live but let’s go ahead and dive in to the video so before I do so remember folks the tqm Channel Down Below there’s going to be a link for you if you want to check it out honestly it’s been one of

My favorite projects of 2023 aside from covering ship every day and covering crypto this is a way to start supplementing your income so there’s a link right in the top of the description for the new channel which already has over 2300 subscribers which is insane so

Make sure you check it out if you want to start figuring out ways to supplement your income outside of crypto currency now this article came out from the crypto basic and it says is FBF ryoshi coinbase director draws links between Shiba Inu Creator and Alameda research an openc account connected to a wallet

Linked with ryoshi shares the same name with spf’s trading firm Alameda research the account from Connor or Connor yep he wrote a wallet directly connected to the founder of Shiba Inu via exchange deposit has an interesting openc account name and the picture was linked there and it was actually a graphic regarding

The name of the openc account being all caps ala media as highlighted by Grogan ryoshi used a deposit address twice in 2020 and 2021 as explained by the coinbase director bitcob does not change the deposit addresses a fact that the crypto Creator may not have been aware of additionally

Grogan pointed out that the openc account did have some minted s BF inspired nfts created the SPF Legendary Collection back in September of 2020 a month of after Shiba inu’s account or Shiba inu’s contract was live it has only 10 pieces with eight owners at the time of writing and it is listed

For 25 each a little over thirty nine thousand dollars at current rates the coinbase executive for equation who occasionally shares interest in blockchain data disclosed that it was unclear why rayoshi would take alameda’s open C handle in 2020 suggesting perhaps that the ship Creator was holding on to

It for memes meanwhile it is not the first time grogon has drawn links between crypto popular doggy themed meme coin and Alameda in the thread last month the coin coinbase director shared that data indicated that Alameda at the time of the largest ship farmer likely formed the top of the last Bull

Run for the meme coin by dumping it just as FTX expanded ship Perpetual Trading grogan’s latest findings have led to speculation that SPF as ryoshi and in response Shiba Inu community members have turned to Lucy ship a popular community influencer and chaitoshi the volunteer Project Lead for responses at

The time of writing both are yet to respond I personally asked ryoshi in a group chat and I said hey shy do you have any information regarding this and he said honestly it’s fun it’s fear uncertain tanned out people are spreading it at a critical time that

We’ve seen time and time again when excitement exciting things are happening to the ship ecosystem sees that there’s always people trying to turn it down it is worth noting that ryoshi following the footsteps of Satoshi Nakamoto the anonymous Bitcoin Creator disappeared from the scene back in May of 2021

Despite this the community continues to follow ryoshi’s vision for the project an example being Shiba shibirium a proposed ethereum lover level 2 protocol which kusama maintains will launch soon actually this week here’s what I will say wrapping up this video if SBF truly did create the contract for

Shiba Inu he’s no longer affiliated with the project he has no access to changing up the contract he has no abilities to do anything it’s renounced the keys are gone it’s now in our hands and again as I mentioned at the beginning of today’s video it’s not ideal it’s not the best

Situation if it is SBF and he comes out and he says I am the person who created chib but it’s not an end-all be-all whatsoever it actually I don’t think impacts us much at all because all the speculation you know some people are saying we’re going to see dumps we’re

Going to see people selling off their positions because SPF is such a bad person it doesn’t matter what kind of person he is SBF no longer has any control over Shiba Inu as a token and whoever owns it whoever ioshi is no longer has a say it’s now taken over by the breeds

Shaitoshi is leading all of the efforts and the reality here is we collectively are all rayoshi make sure you Embrace that and remember it especially during times of trial like today better days are to come Shiba Inu will live on and fud will pass by thank you all so much for tuning in

I appreciate your support as always before you click off make sure you check out MooMoo down below there’s always a link down there 17 free stocks are waiting for you just follow the steps and take advantage of free money when it presents itself take care and until next time keep investing peace

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