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September 2021Update – Gala Games Mooning! Plus the latest on Yieldnodes, Ranger EA, Pionex & GPS EA

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For more information about the services discussed in this video please visit –
Yieldnodes –
Gala nodes –
GPS forex robot –
Pionex review –

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4:06 Gala Games Update & latest news
15:10 Yield nodes update
17:25 Ranger EA demo update
19:18 Gps Forex Robot 3 update
20:46 Pionex update


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  1. Can you do a updated video on how to buy a node . The option to buy with ETH is no longer available?

  2. GALA Currency $$$$$$ MIRANDUS may be the BIGGEST NFT game EVER! | Interview conducted today with co-founder of Gala Games

  3. Hello Jon. I have purchased the GPS forex over a month ago, through the link you provided in the GPS forex robot related youtube video description, and then sent several messages using the contact form on your website in order to receive the bonuses (especially the GPS robot settings you use) but did not yet receive a reply. Any chance you can share the settings? thank you

  4. Hi, I love this channel, I have a question did you prefer Vigorous or Gps for euro/usd currency? I'm asking because I can buy the combo on the website and I want the best. Thanks for everything and continue like that

  5. Excellent review Jon thank you. Pionex is on my hit list to setup. I will certainly check out your recent in depth walk through to get a better understanding. Keep up the great work and go Weave!!

  6. Trade wise. Looks like GPS is in heavy Drawdown. I also caught the Oct 5th trade, which is now in the reverse trade as of Oct 6th 2021. looks ugly :O

  7. Great update and looking forward to hearing more about Weave! Yield Nodes also very solid and am keeping it 100% compounded for the foreseeable future. However, what's sparked the thoughts of taking profits in case something goes wrong? Something on the horizon that could hit YN?
    In regards to Gala, do you think it's late to jump on the wagon (by wagon I mean buying a few coins, node price is far too high) ? Have been eyeing it for a while, but have generally avoided crypto after getting stung a bit previously…

  8. yes, i have had problems with discord and couldnt get in , As for gala, nice move……. good for u , WELL done !! I am wondering if I should buy some gala coins anyway?

  9. Gala Games is growing well, looking forward to hearing more, Yield Nodes 7.7% return Sept, this is really amazing, thank you for explaining these.

  10. Hi J. Well, I finally joined YN properly last month. I added some $ during the middle of the month, and so haven't fully had a whole month to capitalise on it, so while it was only £40 profit for the 1 week my money is in, it is still better than nothing. The entire 7.7% on YN for a whole months is great. I'm happy. Still better returns than a bank. Thanks for these videos. After doing a lot of digging on government websites, I'm satisfied and happy to find that YN is legit – which is a step in the right direction, even though it still considered risky.

  11. Thank you again for this monthly update. It was so much fun, waking up and seeing Gala up 250% overnight. I got my initial investment out already. So grateful, thanks to you. I joined the Discord for Weave. Couldn't get in. Will try again though.

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