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Setting up a Rocket Pool Minipool – Speed Run!

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My last video was 52min long. I created this without the talking/explanations and just included the commands required to spin up a Rocket Pool Validator.
If you are interested in a more detailed walkthrough, you can watch my original video here:

Hardware Required –
Creating a RocketPool node with Docker –
Testing SSD Performance –
Enable SSH –
Rocket Pool Command Line –
Prater Beacon Chain Explorer –
@rocket_pool Twitter –

0:00 Installing Ubuntu, Connecting with SSH
1:15 Testing SSD Speeds
1:48 Downloading & Installing Rocket Pool CLI
3:18 Configuring Rocket Pool Smartnode Software
5:05 Verifying Sync Status & Services Check
6:01 Creating Node Wallet
6:45 Request 1 Test ETH from Rocket Pool Discord
8:03 Register Node with Rocket Pool
8:45 Request 16 Test ETH from Rocket Pool Discord
10:01 Acquire Test RPL from faucet
10:57 Swap Old RPL for New RPL & Stake
12:42 Depositing ETH and creating minipool
13:56 Confirming a successful stake
14:26 Received the other 16ETH (Total of 32)
14:39 Active Validator!
15:16 Joining the smoothing pool
16:20 Stake Additional RPL/Rewards
17:33 Thanks for Watching!


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