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Shapella mainnet date, Arbitrum token and more – The Daily Gwei Refuel #551 – Ethereum Updates

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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Daily gray refuel where he kept the latest news in the ethereum ecosystem I’m your host Anthony 17th of March 2023 alright everyone let’s get into it so we had a lot of news actually over the last 24 hours but I’m going to

Start off with the news that we have a mainnet date for Shanghai chappella here so this was announced on the latest all call devs call it is going to be happening on the 12th of April at 10 27 p.m UTC time here now that’s just under

A month from uh from now I guess like 25 days from today so very very close uh and yeah that this obvious this upgrade obviously will be enabling staking withdrawals on the ethereum mainnet and I’ve been talking about how uh while it enables withdrawals uh for for you know

At the protocol level the various staking providers are going to be enabling withdrawals at their own pace I did mention that lighter is probably going to take about a month after uh chappella goes live here uh and then coinbase is going to be doing it within 24 hours I’m or the other centralized

Exchanges will do that as well rocker pool should have it uh ready from from basically day one with their Atlas upgrade Solo’s take is obviously we’ll be able to withdraw immediately uh and yeah the rewards are going to be being paid out there now I think obviously

There’s a lot a lot of discussion still around what’s going to happen with the you know the eat that he’s staked how many people are going to unstake how many people are going to sell their Rewards or sell this steak and all that sort of stuff I think at this point I’m

Convinced that there’s not going to be that much stake that actually kind of gets withdrawn um and the validators actually just get withdrawn or get exited and the stake is sold um but I am definitely convinced that there’s going to be a relatively large portion of eth of the eighth rewards

That are sold for tax purposes because when you look at it and and you see that you can just take I guess the 30 number of um of 8th rewards and say that that will be sold for tax that I think is about three or four hundred thousand

Each now that’s probably not going to get sold all at one months our people are definitely going to probably hold on to those rewards especially if they’re if the price is still going up like it has been over the past few days thinking that they can sell it higher

Um and basically make more money that way uh and cover their tax bill later or maybe they want to cover their tax bill with money they already have it just depends right we don’t know for sure it’s kind of very hard to actually know because obviously everyone that’s taking

Lives in different places around the world they have different tax brackets they have different uh um tax structures some people will have their validators as part of retirement accounts some people will have them as part of trust some people will be in zero you know zero percent um tax jurisdictions it just depends

Right some people won’t report their tax obligations right so it really depends but there is definitely going to be a bunch of each sold for taxes now whether that leads to downward pressure on the price of eth uh I don’t really necessarily think so I don’t think that

The market can’t handle that sale pressure and if the market knows that the cell pressure is coming from like a 1 time events which is those I guess um rewards being sold to pay for taxes then I don’t think it’s really going to be a bearish scenario there but anyway I’m

Not going to rehash all the things I’ve said in the past about this I’ve talked about what I thought uh what I thought would happen with withdrawals a couple months ago now a few months ago now uh and I know you guys have all kind of

Seen me rant on about that so I’m going to leave that one at that there now of course chappella the chappella mainnet date was not the only thing discussed on the all core devs call there is a thread from Tim baiko for you to check out if

You want to get the full details here but I think that the biggest thing or at least the most interesting thing for me was that they’re already working on putting together the eips that are going to be uh possibly included in the next Network upgrade which is called Cancun

Now I’ve discussed it with this before and how I’ve said that this is due by the end of the year hopefully and eip4844 is already included in this upgrade now there are a bunch of other eips here that mailman not be included which you can check out some of the ones

I’ve talked about before such as self-destruct removal the eof EIP um that one that I believe uni swap was trying to get uh get into the get get into lead through a mainnet but there’s a bunch of others here that you can check out for yourself now this list is uh is

Current as of March 15th so as of only a couple of days ago and uh there’s a lot of discussion in The Magician’s thread here which you can check out for yourself as well but yeah the only confirmed EIP that’s included in Cancun so far is erp4844 but that does not mean

That it’s like a hundred percent that it’s going to be included if 4844 is not ready in time for Cancun then it obviously won’t be included but it doesn’t seem like it won’t be ready I mean people have been working on this for a while now uh it seems like we’re

Pretty much getting to the point where it will definitely be ready uh in time and obviously that’s going to be the biggest upgrade to the network that comes with Cancun but anyway you can check out these details for yourself I’ll link them in the YouTube description and there’s also timbiko’s

Thread on the all-call devs call which you can you can check out it’ll also be linked in the YouTube description below all right so vitalik put out a uh Reddit post uh just before actually talking about uh uh how he thinks about choosing Guardians for multi-cigs and social

Recovery wallets now uh vitalik’s been pretty open about how he uh basically I guess secures his funds uh and he uses a multi-sig to do so and uh he you you know the sign is on that obviously need to be people that he trusts people that are readily available

Um in some kind of I guess period of time people who are not going to just collude and obviously run off with his money right so for him it’s definitely something that he’s thought a lot about and that’s why he put together this post which I highly recommend giving a read

It’s not too long and there’s also a bit of discussion in the comments as well um and he talks about how he does it and how he thinks about about you know choosing Guardians and social recovery in general now of course this is going to become more relevant I think as smart

Contract wallets and account abstraction generally becomes more and more of a thing over the next few months and next couple of years here choosing who you put on your social recovery or who you put on your multi-seek is going to be critically important and this is something that I’ve thought about a lot

As well personally it’s like it really is I mean as I said Vitality goes through this in his post but the way I think about it is that probably the biggest concern is is who to trust right the other stuff like can you trust them

Not to lose their keys or can you trust them to be readily available is is okay right I mean that’s not that that big of a deal compared to trusting them not to collude with the other signers to run off with the funds let’s put some hard

Numbers to this say you have like a three or five multi-seek right so you’ll have five signers on there maybe you’re two of those signers you have a hardware wallet uh oh sorry two separate Hardware wallets that are the signers and then three other signers may be close friends

And family now can you trust those three other signers not to collude with each other to steal your funds uh you know probably not right um but there are other ways to do these kind of uh multi-cigs as well uh where I mean maybe I shouldn’t say probably not but it’s

Kind of it depends how paranoid you are but there are other ways to do these things where you basically set it up so that it’s um it requires you to actually sign so it can never be a thing where uh the other three can sign uh and and and

Still your funds without you also signing on it that also comes with its own risks you know just say maybe for for some reason you’ve lost access to your keys and you need to get to your funds well you can’t do that if if it requires you to actually have access to

Your to your keys and it kind of I guess defeats the purpose a little bit of having a multi-sig for uh redundancy purposes as well but uh but yeah I mean I think everyone in their life has people that they can trust uh for these

Sorts of things and and I I think the collusion risk is quite low for most people but it really just just depends because at the end of the day these people can actually see how much money you have as well on chain uh if you know if they’re part of the multi-sig they

Can actually see uh the balance so for them it kind of becomes a question of how much do I value this this relationship now of course uh a lot of the time the other parties on your multi-seek are going to be your quote very close friends and obviously close

Family members but still it is a concern so anyway enough of my rambling and ranting about that you can read how vitalik approaches this I’ll link it in the YouTube description below for you to do so all right so on to the biggest news of the last 24 hours which was arbitrim

Announcing uh finally their airdrop or I guess like they announced their token and the airdrop of their token called R but now obviously you guys know that this was coming there was no reality where Arboretum or really any layer 2 doesn’t have their own token uh but

Arbitrim is uh is obviously following in optimism’s footsteps here I’m not launching their token and and it being a governance token obviously airdropping it to to users um but they haven’t just launched a token of course that of course they’ve launched their governance process as well I guess like how they uh they’re

Approaching governance for uh all the various arbitrim networks and what I found really interesting was that they’re actually launching the ARB token on layer 1 ethereum and uh not on uh their Layer Two now some people in the Discord channel are actually a bit of confused by this and wondering why they

Would do this considering that optimism launched op on their layer 2 where you can Bridge it to layer one well it’s because the Aptoide token is not only the governance token for the arbitrine one network it is also the governance token for the arbitrim Nova Network alongside any other networks that launch

And have the blessing of the arbitrim Dao so that’s what the reason why they did it like that because that means that uh the ab token is officially I guess uh issued on ethereum mainnet and then it can be bridged to any of these other networks and work within these other

Networks so hopefully that explains that one for you guys um but yeah claiming for the airdrop doesn’t begin until March 23rd so as they say here don’t get scammed don’t believe any websites telling you that you can claim your airdrop the official website to check if you are eligible for

An airdrop is arbitrim dot Foundation which is also linked in the Twitter thread here for you to check out um and and and yeah I mean I think there was a bunch of criteria the snapshot was taken last month uh and you would you would get a certain amount of tokens and

People were wondering you know what would be the evaluation of the ARB token and they’re trying to work out how much their airdrop would be worth and you can see some of those discussions in the daily Discord Channel if you would like to see them but yeah that’s how you

Check your eligibility there now of course the ARP token was not the only thing that they announced they also announced the arbitrim foundation the Dr process how they’re thinking about upgrading the network and how there’s going to be a pretty big time delay of uh 21 to 37 days for upgrades which

Makes a lot of sense um and to how the Dow has the power to retire the existing Security Council to a further decentralize um uh the arbitrim one and other networks here and they also announced another another big piece of technology on top of uh the arbitrim networks

Called arbitrim orbit which will allow developers to easily and permissionlessly launch their own layer 3 blockchain in the arbitrim ecosystem uh and they continue here by saying developers launching l3s on Armitron 1 and Nova or automatically granted a free and Perpetual license allowing them to use modify and customize arbitrim’s

Best-in-class technology for their L3 chains and they I continue the arbitrim dowel will have the ability to authorize additional layer 2 Chains on ethereum irrespective of whether the chain is governed by ARB ensuring that the community is in full control over the future of arbitrim and its technology so

As I said before the arbitrim Dao is where all these decisions are going to be made um and um there’s going to be a lot of different kind of governance decisions made through that that’s for sure but yeah you can read this thread I’ll link it in the YouTube description below

There is a lot here and there’s also a um I guess live stream that was done on Bank list if you want to learn more about about all of this but what a huge day for aperture what an exciting day for the arbitrim ecosystem as I said

This has been a long time coming a lot of people have waited for this and it really is just the beginning you know there’s there’s the airdrop and then there’s um has a bunch of tokens allocated to the treasury which will of course be distributed over time by the

Dow to various uh parties within the arbitrim ecosystem and be and be used to grow the arbitrim ecosystem um but one thing that I’m really excited about when it comes to arbitrine finally launching their token and the fact that it’s kind of a one and done airdrop it’s not like optimism that’s doing

Continuous airdrops is that we’re going to be able to see how much of arbitrim’s activity over the next few months uh is sticky right it’s actually organic and he’s not just there farming an airdrop the same was true for optimism I think and we saw that play out now we can see

It play out with arbitrine which is what I always love seeing you guys know I love seeing this organic activity playing out and being able to see what’s sustainable and what’s not uh and also I should mention a really Chad move from the uh the arbitrim team here or the off-chan labs

Team is that they’re allocating a portion of the tokens to their protocol guilt as well so that’s absolutely amazing obviously because they’re donating towards public goods here they’re following an optimism’s footsteps I guess uh in that in that respect so that was something that I really liked I don’t know what the exact

Percentage of tokens going towards the protocol Guild is I think I saw like one percent or something uh around around that I’m not totally sure what it is but if it’s one percent that’s a crazy amount of tokens going towards the protocol Guild as I said I don’t know if

It’s actually one percent but just to give you an idea there’s 10 billion tokens if it’s one percent that would be 100 million tokens going towards uh the protocol Guild and if the tokens are worth a dollar each that would be 100 million dollars to the protocol Guild

Now again just clarifying I don’t know the exact percentage here um but even if it’s only you know even if it’s only 0.1 percent that’s 10 million dollars at a 10 billion evaluation that would be going to the protocol Guild so obviously very very cool uh to see there but yeah anyway you

Can check out this thread from Amazon I’m sure a lot of you have already read it uh but check it out for yourself you can check if you’re eligible for the airdrop of course at and claiming begins on March 23rd so please please please do not get scammed

Not uh sign any transactions on sites claiming to be able to give you the airdrop please don’t fall for any of that fishing stuff it begins March 23rd at the official uh and only website at and all the links are on arbitrim’s official uh Pages as well for you to check out

All right speaking of layer two’s Eduardo from the uh polygon ZK AVM team here just tested uh polygons ekvm’s ZK prove our latest version on Google cloud and the results are much better than they expected here so apparently they’ve got the cost down to about four to five cents uh per per

Proof which works out to 0.000084 cents per transaction and then they said here moreover we kept our promises and we managed to prove batches under two minutes so that they’re making a a lot of strides here obviously with the polygon zkvm launch coming up in just 10 days this is

Critically important for them to do that especially because I’m sure they want to move on to decentralizing out the the provers and getting more people uh proving and getting those costs down as much as possible once the ZK VM is actually officially live but this is

Great to see and I’m really great that Eduardo is putting out these kind of updates yeah you can see the last one was on Feb 10th that I reported on and the cost at that time was about six to yeah about six and a half cents per

Proof well now it’s down to uh about four and a half cents per proof so that is a pretty big Improvement I know it doesn’t sound like much it’s about a two cent Improvement uh but in percentage uh in percentage terms there I think it might be about 20 20 percent

Or more Improvement there and uh it used to be 0.0001 since uh per transaction uh well now it’s it’s obviously even lower than that which is uh obviously amazing to see so kudos to the polygon zero care evm team for the work that they’ve done

Here uh and finally uh on the zkbm front uh from polygon uh polygon ZK IVM is on etherscan now so there is an etherscan like block Explorer for the polygon ZK VM that is currently pointing to the test now but will of course be updated

To 0.2 main net once that goes live as I said in about 10 days from now on the 27th of March super exciting times here uh very much looking forward to it uh I can’t wait to to see it go live all right so the espresso systems team

Uh today announced that they are building something called the espresso sequencer which is they uh the way they believe Roll-Ups will decentralize so basically what this is is a technical spec um and I guess like a whole basically white paper on how they’re approaching building this sequencer and how it can

Plug into basically any L2 uh on any chain so essentially what could be done here is that optimism or arbitrim or polygon or whoever else can come along and say hey okay we want to decentralize our sequencer but we don’t want to build it ourselves we don’t want to build it

From scratch ourselves because the work has already been done by espresso systems so they’re going to basically uh have the option to use this here now I read through this post myself it is really interesting they’ve actually espresso systems has actually thought of a lot of the things that go into

Building a sequencer not only from a decentralization perspective but from a security perspective as well they even cover things like how they’re going to be doing Fair ordering or Mev related things how they can Target uh resiliency and neutrality how they can make it so that’s anti-monopoly all these sorts of

Things as I said this is a really really great read if you’re interested at all about how uh decentralized sequencing will actually work because that is the next Frontier I think for a lot of these l2s is decentralizing out the sequencing the validating and and the proving but essentially the sequencing because

Whoever controls the sequencer controls the ordering of transactions and obviously The Ordering of transactions is critically important from an Mev perspective so how do we build sequences that don’t just centralize again like how do we make these l2s as censorship resistant as possible so that we don’t fall into

The issue that we saw early on with the ofax sanctions uh how uh there was like I don’t know 80 90 of uh I think it was 80 of all blocks that had us that were being kind of censored because of that centralization around flashbots as an

Mev boost relayer now obviously a lot of the work that’s been done on layer one with Mev boost is going to translate to layer two but these sequences have to be designed in such a way that they can take advantage of that and of course I’ve got I I’m actually going to talk

About the Mev Booth stuff at the end of this episode because there’s some actual exciting stuff happening there um but yeah as I said definitely give this a read um it’s it’s very very cool it’s it’s a lot of innovation going on here and it’s something that I think that is going to

Be at the Forefront of development for these l2s as time goes on and it’s something that I think that you should definitely learn about um because it’s going to be relevant uh for the foreseeable future all right so a succinct Labs here has introduced something called telepathy which is the first decentralized and

Secure ZK snark interoperability protocol for ethereum so this apparently allows uh users developers Weber to read ethereum State on any chain with the security of ethereum’s light client protocol and this is live on mainnet today and they continue by saying for the first time ethereum Bridge security

Does not depend on a multi-sig or an optimistic fraud system in set instead it directly verifies ethereum validated signatures in a ZK snark proof of consensus enables interoperability without a compromise and then there’s a blog post talking about all of this now I don’t have an explained like I’m five

For this just yet it is very Giga brain it’s not something that I have wrapped my head around just yet but it is very interesting I am going to try and learn as much as I can about this and try to get to a point where I can explain uh

Like I’m five but um it’s definitely something that I’ve heard about for quite a while now and it’s something that I think vitalik himself has spoken about using ZK snarks for interoperability for bridging for being able to decentralize these things and not have to rely on multi-cigs and

Things like that and it’s great to see that succinct Labs has actually put out something that’s live on the ethereum mainnet today and that actually supports uh eight different chains right now so I’m going to assume all those eight chains uh evm chains I I don’t think

They’re all l2s I think there are some side chains and l1s thrown in there as well I don’t actually know if I go to the demo website I may be able to see what um what chains they support I’m just quickly looking here uh no I got

This there’s an Explorer here you can see there is a demo a website okay yeah I can see the these are the networks that they support so okay they’re currently supporting ethereum gnosis chain BNB chain arbitrim Avalanche girly optimism and polygon which makes sense because as I said it’s all evm chains

They’re the easiest to support but as I said it’s not all l2s there’s also other l1s and and some side chains in here but that I guess it’s like uh is pretty cool because it means that they’re showcasing their technology as being able to be fully interoperable interoperable with

Different chains uh not just L2 so very very cool to see this but anyway you can check out the blog post for yourself to learn more about this I will be learning more about this as time goes on as well so that I can I can explain like I’m

Five on this uh but it’s definitely something that I’m going to be keeping my eye on all right so uh pull up has announced pull-up drops your new home for everything pop up so basically it’s the home uh that allows you to easily create your own pull-up without having to go

Through the old uh manual process so it’s pretty much all been automated now so if you go to you can see the new interface here so basically you’ll be able to sign in with an email address I haven’t signed in here uh yet so I

Probably won’t be able to show you it but I think they have a thread showcasing it yeah there’s a there’s a gif here showcasing uh what it is so creating your pop-up with an image with a title with a description you know the standard stuff that you do uh and then

Be able to have like all your pull-ups in one nice interface that’s tied to your email address of course I think you can connect your ethereum wallet to that as well um and then you can see here that uh there’s different um metrics that you can pay attention to

As well seeing how many people actually uh minted your pop-up and how many people uh just uh reserved on via email and things like that and yeah all the good stuff here so yeah just wanted to highlight this because I think it’s a lot of for a lot of people it’s been

Obviously a manual process to get Pull-Ups kind of uh set up and created here well now it’s much more automated with a nice little interface that you can use on both desktop and mobile and as I said it is available at drops oh sorry a drop stop

I’ll link it in the YouTube description for you to check out all right an announcement out of the sismo ecosystem today they have soft launch something called ZK connects connect which they’re calling the Sovereign SSO or single uh a single sign-on I think that’s what that uh that

That stands for there so ZK connect equals Anon authentication with Selective data disclosure so essentially what this means is that as I say yeah with the power of ZK connect devs can authenticate users privately apps access a unique user identifier called Vault ID and nothing more the Vault ID is unique

To the app making doxing across apps impossible this is the kind of stuff that I’ve been talking about as something that I believe to be revolutionary when it comes to ZK technology that is not scalability and I’ve talked about sismo a bunch on the reefer before and about the things that

They enable such as ZK Badges and how those things allow for for privacy and private voting and stuff like that well with ZK connect here are some some I guess like use cases here they say you can request private data with DK proofs app developers can request Grand formula

And aggregated data from their users so you can request proof of nft ownership GitHub repo contributions erc20 ownership and proof of human registration from multiple wallets without linking them how cool is that like how many times have you guys had a certain things on different wallets that aren’t

Linked together but you need to be able to prove to an app or prove to a protocol that you have them uh and you just don’t want to link those wallets together well now you can do that you can improve all that and you can prove ownership of all of that without linking

Those wallets uh together through the power of ZK connect who’s obviously a very very cool feature but uh yeah there is a demo live at there’s docs and there’s a Builders page as well and this is a Beta release right now obviously it’s not a not a full live

Mainnet release just yet but you can check out the demo and the docs for yourself to learn more about this it’s all detailed here but this is definitely very very cool this is the sort of stuff that’s going to break out into the real world I believe like as I’ve said before

I imagine having your own fully ZK identity where you have all your data you own all your data and you can selectively choose who you share that data with and then when you’re sharing it with them they don’t necessarily have to even have access to the data itself

They just get like a ZK proof that says hey this person is telling the truth they’re they are who they say they are but I’m not going to tell you how I can prove that I’m just going to tell you that you can trust the proof uh which is

Which is basically how this stuff works and that’s the kind of stuff that I think is going to be critically important for Mass adoption of the ZK privacy technology and going to actually have real world impact outside of just scalability and I guess speculative things that we’re all obviously very

Used to to at this point in time but anyway I’ll link this in the YouTube description below for you to check out all right so uh Soul wallets has announced a three million dollar funding round here from a bunch of investors now of course I am I should disclose that I

Am an investor in Seoul wallet and for those of you who don’t know what soul wallet is they are a smart contract wallet uh working on uh working with ERC uh for 43 37 which has obviously been the Talk of the Town uh lately now Soul

Wallet is going to be focusing on layer 2 specifically uh I believe they definitely want to make smart contract wallets as cheap and easy to use as possible and the way to do that is at layer 2 of course now you can read the thread here for a full breakdown of what they’re

Focusing on you know who their investors are all that good stuff there as well as the news coverage around this um but yeah this this falls into I guess like what Ryan Sean Adams said here uh this wallet season that I’ve been talking a little bit about where I

Basically said that there is definitely a renewed interest and a very strong push towards smart contract slash account abstraction wallets and making sure that we can actually develop these things and get funding behind them in order to uh get them live for users to play around with and I’ve discussed

Before how a smart contract while it’s on layer one kind of failed to take off because of the the gas cost like it ended up costing I think you know 20 30 40 50 to generate one of these walls which is a non-starter because if you’re

A wallet and you say and and the user’s creating a wallet and you’re like okay well before you even get started you have to pay a 30 fee that’s a non-starter for users so obviously at Layer Two those costs are collapsed and post Erp 4844 they’re going to be really

Really cheap and it can it can become a thing where essentially the wallet themselves will probably just cover it for their users uh and basically onboard their users create the wallet for them and get them started without charging uh for it there but uh but yeah anyway as I

Said I’ll link uh Soul wallets thread in the YouTube description below but congrats to them on the raise uh they’re a great team I’m looking forward to what they built out all right so I should have talked about this before in the context of polygon

But uh sand DPR uh has shared a blog post from polygon uh that details that the polygon Avail data availability chain is actually being spun out of polygon completely so polygon Avail is going to be a completely separate chain uh that is just going to be called a

Veil now it is going to be essentially a direct competitor to things like Celestia which is which are data data availability chains and it is not going to be under the polygon umbrella anymore I think this makes sense I always felt like that polygon Avail was a bit of a

Weird I guess thing that was part of the polygon Suite because of the fact that polygon I guess went all in on ZK stuff where essentially having a separate data availability project probably distracted from that because polygon isn’t really working on optimistic Roll-Ups anymore they’re just all in on their ZK stuff so

It makes a lot of sense to spin out Avail here now one of the co-founders of polygon is actually going to be leading this project anurag Kia he’ll be leading this uh as a veil and I believe as I said it’s going to be a completely

Separate uh chain it’s not going to have anything to do with polygon or ethereum itself and it’s going to be a direct competitor to um to Celestia and other data availability chains now of course given that is going to be a new chain people were asking me and and I saw

People asking on Twitter is there going to be a new token for polygon Avail I would put my money on yes just because you can’t really kind of have a new chain like this without a token unless a veil decides to go the eigenlayer route where they basically use eigenlayers

Technology as their security as a way to get you know a restaked eth uh securing their chain and things like that but remains to be seen I would put my money on them having a separate token for the Avail chain so it might be something

That you that you might want to farm if you’re an airdrop farmer just giving the heads up there for for people um but yeah this is I think makes a lot of sense for available to be spun out here and I’m curious to see on the uh

The path that they take going forward now I did mention before I wanted to talk a bit about the Mev boost or uh our ecosystem in ethereum and how it’s changed over the past I guess six months now I’m not going to spend too much time here because I’m already over time but

As you can see on my screen I’m on the mevwatch dot info website and the total blocks that are of fat compliant it just keeps going down so over the last day we have 33 of all blocks are of fat compliant right now uh and now if we

Untick all blocks and we actually see what the Mev boost relay ecosystem looks like it’s looking extremely healthy it is not dominated by any one player anymore and in fact flashbots is a minority player now or becoming quickly becoming a minority player so you remember that flashbots accounted for

Around 90 of all Mev boosted blocks in August September of last year now it is only 23.5 that is crazy right and uh you can see here that uh in terms of the diversity of relayers we have the on the non-censoring front we have three major relays ultrasound money at 27 agnostic

Boost at 17 and blocks route Max profit at prop Max profit at 16 with a bunch of other smaller ones and on the centering side we have flashbots at 23.5 we have block native at eight point three percent and block shot regulated at 5.2 percent so a very very healthy mix here

Um between censoring and non-censoring uh and if we include all blocks as I said we’re almost under 30 now of ofak compliance which is really really great to see and you can see this visualized here on this uh on this chart along with the non-mev Boost as well which seems to

Have just kind of peered out at about 10 of all blocks and not any are not using Mev boost at all uh and then the and the green is obviously not of fat compliant and the red is o5 compliant um this has come down from 80 so we we

Of all blocks were over compliant now we’re almost at below 30 obviously a huge win there uh and then it’s visualized here as the last 100 blocks as well so I just wanted to highlight that for you guys that it’s continuing to go down uh it’s just really awesome

To see that all the work that the ethereum ecosystem has done to get this percentage down as much as possible has worked and it’s really awesome to see that uh the relay diversity has improved substantially I’m still hoping to see more relayers come online right now you

Could say that there is four five and most that are that are dominant that’s still not enough I would love to see a lot more than that but obviously running a relayer is complex it is not exactly profitable um and it’s not exactly without its risks especially legal risk depending on

Where you are in the world so yeah I’m not sure how many more relays we’ll see come online but the relay ecosystem is just a million times better than it has been uh traditionally so I just wanted to tie that for you guys and I can’t wait for these offer compliance to just

Keep going down once it’s under 30 I mean I thought it would just stay around 30 to 40 and that’ll be okay too but it just keeps going down which is all obviously awesome to see but on that note that’s going to be it for today so thank everyone for listening and

Watching be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet give it a thumbs up subscribe to newsletter join the Disco Channel and I’ll catch you all tomorrow no not tomorrow on Monday thanks everyone

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Timestamps and links 👇

00:00 Introductory song
00:09 Date for Shapella mainnet
03:24 Next (Cancun) network upgrade
05:07 Vitalik on choosing signers for social recovery
08:33 Arbitrum $ARB token/airdrop announced
14:36 Polygon zkEVM costs reduced further
16:41 Espresso sequencer for decentralising RUs
19:19 Telepathy for bridge security via zkSNARKS
21:43 New homepage for all POAPs
23:10 Sismo’s zkConnect
25:58 Soul Wallet’s $3M fundraise
27:59 Avail spun-out of Polygon
30:09 OFAC compliant blocks continue going down


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  1. Great video, as usual:) One thing though: you said 0.0001 cents, the tweet says 0.0001 dollars. Still basically free regardless, but since it's a difference of 100x so I thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks for all the great info. Cheers!

  2. Great vid Sassal as usual. Re: Social recovery/multisig maybe have multisigs who do not know each other so they can't collude.

  3. Gotta correct something I said on the video – the ARB token is actually claimable on Arbitrum One and not Ethereum mainnet. The confusion here stemmed from the Arbitrum docs that listed an Ethereum mainnet block number as the start time for claiming – apologies for the error!

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