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Shepe Review 2023: Shib Meets Pepe! First Hybrid Meme Token!

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Welcome to cryptodacts World why fight amongst the dogs and the frogs the ship and the puppies Lynn you can have sheppi What if I told you shib meets Pepe and they give birth to a sheepy now I know there’s a meme war going on but we have an awesome project for you today and that is the first hybrid meme token from DNA from both a ship and a Pepe when a

Ship loves a Pepe you get an awesome project and that is sheepy right here following the same path as shiv and pepe and we can find the ERC contract address right on it the pre-sale uniswap Maxi listening soon and L bank before I jump into this I’m not a financial advisor

This is not Financial advice please do your own research due diligence don’t invest in anything you’re not willing to lose so today we’re looking at chiefy yes it is a ship and a Pepe but why sheffy why is it so cool because in the previous cycle she feeds here to leave

Its mark on the meme industry as a baby from two legendary memes and not only that but a team member has been part of a current top 100 board project as well so it’s ready to conquer just like shib and pepe did if you’re familiar ship came right after Dogecoin and started

Conquering then Pepe recently started conquering on the Nemours then we got the quick listing which is going to be awesome at Maxi L Bank all of the big names and launching on you to swap plus you have how she’d be star doesn’t mean cryptocurrency on the East chain and why

Do you mean communities fight each other one is better to work together why why say Hey Oh I like Doge I like you know Pepe I like this why are we fighting when we can actually get along and cooperate and also security because we’re not going to invest in something

If it’s not secure and she the investors are making sure that the Forefront is safe for everybody first liquidity has been completed the year ship was born is 2021 and your Pepe was born is 2023 that makes it total of four thousand and forty four years and the smart contract

Ownership has been renounced also there’s a fair launch and no private sale we have the name the symbol the decimal total supplied by taxes so ownership has been announced there’s no limit on the max wallet or Max trade and as we know sheep is the future GP is

Here to help out and we can see what they’re doing on the roadmap they have the fair launch website really initial marketing CMC cgl Bank Maxi Partnerships they’re also lists on bit Forex gate okx chibi aggressive marketing brand they got staking coming out also listed on bitsum and finally the sheepy Swap and

If that’s not enough they have staking pools and for both ship and pepe to get your passive income for both new coins why fight when we can work together Melissa and kucoin and they’re going to expand to mainstream as well as partnership with Pepe and Chip now you probably have some questions you’re

Probably wondering about some stuff you can contact them right here jump on their telegram or their Twitter this is the birth of two awesome meme coins why fight and mean Wars and say hey my ship is better my Pepe’s better what is the point of that when we can come together

And make an awesome coin chibi now I can see ship happy right here the token all the information that we need is right here on etherscan and we got the Chevy portal right here we can check it out on Telegram and why not get to know the community share your

Favorite ship and your favorite peppy memes wait I can do that all in one place and it won’t start a war no and you can do it right here in this community catch them on Twitter at chippy underscore eth yes Shiba Inu met Pepe they give birth to sheppey it’s all

Good the frogs and the dogs are getting along thirty four thousand one hundred and eighty two followers why people don’t want to mean more we want to get along plus I have some exciting things like you can see solidity Finance here we can see some big announcements and we

Know there’s going to be a lot of stuff going on and for me this is an awesome merger because I always thought hey memecoin at people Advocates actually got along we could do so much and now we can and it’s all because of projects like shepi which is really exciting so

Let’s see more of those let’s not fight let’s cooperate and make some awesome projects I’d love to know your opinion of this though so if you enjoyed this review smash that like button hit that subscribe button hit that notification Bell to know when I post more videos you

Have questions or comments let me know down below thanks for watching and catch you in the next one Foreign

Shepe is the first hybrid meme token that has the DNA of both Shiba and Pepe the Frog at the same time. With this great combination, Shepe is expected for greater returns for every investor and holder.

If you wanna know more about this meme token, then watch this Shepe review of our channel now.

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  2. U are the beach , bustard

    What u doing money
    U killed us

    It's another project which rugged

  3. pretty big rug pull. u forgot to delete your youtube after deleting twitter, reddit, telegram socials LOL

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  6. I heard they're going to have new partners! the project is developing rapidly, it gives me hope!

  7. Thank you so much for walking through these processes! Great video.

  8. thx bro my brain has evolved. for real, I love your vids and i actually look at money differently

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  11. I don't usually comment on YT videos but I think you are absolutely spot on with your outlook.

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