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Sheriff-elect Robert Luna holds first press conference

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Sheriff-elect Robert Luna held his first press conference Friday afternoon at Salazar Park in East LA, the neighborhood where he grew up and the park where he said he was inspired to join law enforcement.

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  1. This is gonna suck. The board is super soft on crime and he is gonna just go right along with it. He approves of Gascon, enough said.

  2. You better close men's central jail Robert.
    It's the best thing you can do for your career.

  3. He got a tough job ahead. What we really need is somebody with the backing of the DAs office. What's the point of cops risking there lives to arrest people if the are set free or not prosecuted for serious crimes including theft of all levels.

  4. Just obey any subpoenas you're served unlike your scumbag predecessor and you'll do just fine

  5. Yeah, that and take care of the constitution. Seriously uphold the Constitution don’t be a communist.

  6. Criminals commit crime cause they enjoy the rush and don’t fear getting caught.
    Make them fear…Sheriff
    Don’t be a snowflake

  7. Uh-umm-huh-huh… lord help you Sheriff Luna. Please hire a speech coach. As one Pico boy to an ELA boy, please spend some effort on your public speaking. Thanks.

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