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What’s up A-Team! Today I’m ready to talk about Shiba and Bone…


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  13. Shib, like other memes, grew huge through hype and money printing and now tries to pretend to be a business. Somoene Explain it to me as an investor. Its centralized, so Where is their office? Who works there? How and what do the devs get paid and do? Is the "team" 3 guys at home on laptops? What are therie balance sheet: assets and liabilities? What country are they located? Shibaswap I guess charges tiny fees, but is a failure with next to no users and income. How can u have an "ecosystem" without even an intention for income. or profit? Why do they keep launching new coins? Wht's wrong with using shib? These burns take centuries, correct? and dont reduce total supply. Is The ecosystem just to get $ from new investors to pay sellers? And don't get me started on the "metaverse" pipedream that's not a utility any more than flying cars is. . Maybe they can make a popular video game that peple will pay actual money to play. I could say the same about cenralized, secretive Shinja, but at least they bought CVC, you can actually make money selling ads on a website. That's a use case. Income.

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