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Shiba Inu is number one hello beautiful people Shalom money makers in this video we’re going to talk about Shiba Inu we’re also going to be doing a Shiba Inu price prediction okay okie dokie all I ask is that you give me a beautiful smile smeshity smash that like button

You guys have been doing good right you have been smashing the like button and the price of crypto has been going up because of it but I know that you can smash harder but right don’t smash too hard and then come to me you know sending me a bill saying hey Avi I

Smashed it too hard and then you know my phone broke my computer screen broke you know you have to smash it right uh in the the right amount right not too hard not too soft you know just the way uh God intended you know that and then you

Have to have a good motion of the Smashing right that that went downhill real fast [Laughter] let’s do the shiba Shake So currently the price of Shiba Inu is at 0.401111 uh there’s been a little bit of a discrepancy on the price a little bit uh between some Outlets but here it’s

It’s one one five um so I don’t know trading view is a little bit off I don’t know who’s off here but it doesn’t it’s not really that critical uh you just have to make sure when you’re buying that you’re buying the right price um and so currently a Shiba in was up

3.54 since uh GMT time uh another hour uh it will recalibrate here Bitcoin up to a 10 ethereum up six percent uh so Shiba Inu did go up uh but uh it’s a little bit lacking um on the that front but if you take a

Look at it uh at Doge it’s on par with Doge so it seems that it’s been moving uh how doge is moving Shiba Inu is moving uh more or less they’re coming in tandem but if we take a look here we can see that Shiba Inu broke through the

Resistance level last night fell off a little bit right came back a little bit and then once it broke out again we saw a nice move into the upside and now and we’re seeing a creation of a bullish pennant here on the five minute chart so

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few hours we would see a little bit of uh uh pop here right if it’s able to hold um to the upside here if you’re coming and saying Hey it said price prediction I’m not going to give an exact uh number

Right that what could potentially happen here because it’s it depends are you looking for a five minutes movement are you looking for a daily movement or you’re looking for a weekly movement and it all gets a little bit harder and harder and harder but it seems like

Shiba Inu has if with high probability the the the movement to the upside here uh with uh Bitcoin moving strong with uh Shiba Inu moving strong in the cryptocurrency market looking at the stochastic full it looks like she being has more room to move on the daily chart

If we look at the four hour chart you can see that on the four hour right we’re looking at a little bit of a pullback potential here so that would mean maybe a a four to eight hour even a daily move but in General on The Daily

We’re seeing that we’re we’re in store for a nice maybe four or five day movement to the upside so we could see a little bit of a pullback here towards the end of the week and then you see a rally but it really a lot depends on

What happens with the CPI data tomorrow I’ve been seeing uh some rumbling that people are saying that no matter what happens with CPI data we’re going to the Moon right even if CPI data is bad uh that uh it doesn’t matter because the FED is is not going to be raising

Interest rates aggressively because of what’s going on with the banks and so it doesn’t matter even if it comes in bad it’s it’s not gonna change anything but but I think the market actually wants to see Improvement if the markets are going to see that CPI is going down

Then that means that people will have more money in their pockets to buy things you know even if interest rates go down if inflation is going up at the end of the day you’re still not going to have enough money to invest right and that’s going to be very very critical

If we take a look at the crypto fear you can see that yesterday we were at 33 and now we’re back to 49. this is a 50 jump almost here for the crypto fear in just one day um so I think if Bitcoin is able to get over 25

000 it’s gonna be hard right because it tried like four or five times to do that and it wasn’t able to if CPI data comes in tomorrow clean right hand under or on par I think that we’ll see a movement to this area and then the whole cryptocurrency Market could rally uh

With Bitcoin and Shiba Inu will follow with so it’s going to be very very interesting we got uh data today that Shiba Inu is a top dog top 10 watch listed according to surtic uh so we see Shiba Inu uh is number one apecoin is number two sandbox is number three then

It goes down here to Central and x infinity and so on and so uh Shiba Inu is the is the top dog and this is you know something that we keep seeing we know that uh Shiba Inu people or shib Army are very loyal we know that the whole time for the shiba

Inu Community is one of the longest out there even though the shiba inu is a is a baby in the cryptocurrency world uh the holders long-term holders are significant and a percentage is very very large and so we’re seeing people hold Shiba Inu for the long run people

Know that even though there could be some short-term movements uh for Shiba you know we’re looking to see what happens in two years three years and so on and what one of the goals that I want to see Shiba Inu is to to make me see

The same kind of uh growth that Matic showed from shibarium uh and for shibarium and if we’re able to parallel a little bit I think that you know we could see just just on the the fact that you know Shiba Inu um layer 2 solution um that could be you know huge gains

Let’s just say from from its uh just tracking it’s up uh 42 000 right um so you know if that could happen for shibenu uh that would be that would be nice right without without the burning without everything just the utility that shibarium could potentially bring here

Uh for Shiba Inu we’re still in the testing phase we’re still and you can go and help out that we’re still in in the baby steps we’re still in the dinosaur age of cryptocurrency and with everything that’s been going on in the past few days I think that this is going

To expedite some of the things that would have happened for the cryptocurrency market some actually will hurt because of the banks so we have here pluses and minuses going on uh but I think in general this is going to be a a good step for cryptocurrency

Um and I think that you can see with the with the prices with the buying with the positivity coming back to the cryptocurrency market um so I think this could be a good sign for what could potentially come here for Shiba Inu and what could potentially come for the cryptocurrency market in

The next few months and years it will be be very very interesting to see how all of this plays out let me know in the comment section what do you think is going to happen to Shiba Inu in the next four to five years where do you see not

Just the price but the utility will there will be more things what about the metaverse theater also uh presenting today and this week in the um in Houston Houston or Austin Austin right I don’t know why I said Houston in Hebrew we say Houston and not Houston

With an H but with the Y but it said in Austin I think Texas uh and so what what do you think are going to be the pluses and the minuses uh in the next few years let me know don’t forget to smiggity smash that like button thank you for

Watching I hope to see you next time and like I always say let’s make a lot of money

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