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The price of Shiba Inu coin may be taking a pretty hard hit along with the overall cryptocurrency Market we actually have some information a lot sooner than I thought we would have it on that Shiba Inu coin Cold Storage wallet we’re gonna be talking about it today because the partnership has been

Announced who’s working on that cold storage wallet the fact that you can already I believe I have not done it I don’t know if I will do it but pre-order your wallet and it’s a legitimate wallet holds 6 000 different cryptocurrencies out there crypto tokens you’re gonna be

Able to hold nfts on it so we’re gonna go over and highlight some of the features of that wallet and what this partnership really means for Shiba Inu coin moving forward because guys to me it shows that shib is still one of the top meme coins in the world that

Basically everybody wants to partner in in half their foot in the shiba inu coin ecosystem so let’s discuss it if it sounds like something you’re interested in let’s get started Let’s get started What’s up everybody I’m clay I’m here to make 2023 the best year ever if you haven’t click that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro when you’re here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together now look if you’re

Brand new to investing you don’t know how or where to buy stocks in crypto you got a link in the description below for Weeble it is super simple to set up your account any deposit you guys are getting at least six free stocks up to 12 free

Stocks and a one dollar crypto trade is Gonna Get You five dollars in free crypto if you guys want crypto exclusive exchanges where you can buy sell trade sure leverage all that good stuff you get Koo coin and finance down there now kucoin and finance they offer

Rewards for the more active Traders so the more you trade the more you’re gonna earn but please be aware if you guys are holding on those exchanges it is going to be considered a loan to those exchanges if you want to mitigate the risk of holding on a centralized

Exchange and make it your asset you need to look at Cold Storage or defy wallet like the one that we’re going to be talking about today the cold storage wallet that is specifically for the shiba inu coin ecosystem limited edition very very similar guys to these limited

Edition Shiba Inu coin bags in this partnership with Bugatti group okay now I’ll be the first to admit I believe these novelty items like carry-on luggage or or crossbody bags that we saw with the Bugatti partnership these cryptocurrency wallets that are just I mean all it is is a is a Shiba

Inu coin right all it is is a D5 wallet a cold storage wallet that’s got the Shiba Inu logo on it right so any of these novelty items directed towards the shiba inu coin ecosystem and the shiba inu coin Community out there could benefit more the sellers than it

Does to the community this does not increase the use for Sheba it does not increase the need for Sheba it simply is you know a marketing tactic to sell to the shiba inu coin Community but I’ll admit I do think that the shiba inu coin uh wallet may be a little bit more

Useful than the carry-on luggage and so on and I understand that you know being in the the ship Community for two plus years now is uh you know you you want some Shiba Inu coin merchandise this wallet could be very cool I understand how those those carry-on bags would be

Very cool and it’s a part of your life when you’ve been investing in something for two years and you’ve been as committed as you are for two years it becomes something that you want to commemorate so that is exactly what we’re doing we’re going to be looking at this in a

Positive light here and the headline says that Shiba Inu shib cold wallet is to support 6 000 currencies and here are its features uh Shiba inucoin ecosystem official content making marketing or content marketing strategist is taken to Twitter to share and indicate details of the much awaited Shiba Inu Cold Storage

Wallet tangent now this is the company that’s been doing it or it’s it’s going to be releasing this wallet here tangent a switzerland-based blockchain company has confirmed its collaboration with Shiba Inu to launch a unique cold wallet solution it announces that a limited edition wallets will arrive soon perfect

Man and if you guys want to quote their tweets we’ve launched a collab with shib a limited edition of tangent wallets coming soon stay tuned not to miss your chance to order wolf I don’t know why they’re going to send a little wolf out there it’s just

It’s kind of whatever for the details shared by Lucy you’ll just be able to store and manage their cryptocurrency digital assets including ship anywhere in the world as the new wallet will support over 6 000 currencies users will also gain access to decentralized finance defy non-fungible tokens decentralized exchanges and so on

Basically like any trust wallet any metamask that you’re going to be using out there uh this is just on a cold storage or a actual hardware version of it now this is the interesting part right it doesn’t need any batteries so I’m really kind of wondering how this wallet works but the

Gold wall that shares the same size as a credit card and as such users do not need a PC or laptop all that is needed is the card and their smartphones so basically like your trust wallet or your your metamask another seeming benefit is the lack of Reliance on a

Battery is tangent wallets do not need to be charged to work the announcement seems is uh seems timely it’s the shiba inu coin team provided or promised to share updates on the shiba cold wallet before the end of the week also an AMA was done in collaboration with top

Crypto exchanges where the prominent ship community members spoke at length on the shiba inucoin ecosystem and its directions now we don’t need to go in on everything they’re talking about bone and all of that stuff there right now but like I said at the beginning of the video guys the this collaboration with

Tan gem is very cool and it reminds me of the collaboration that we had at the beginning of the year with Bugatti group more of a novelty experience than if you want to support the the ecosystem team if you want to support these businesses because they are targeting Shiba Inu

Coin users and targeting Shiba Inu coin community members absolutely I understand you know people are falling in love with Shiva Inu coin they’re very committed to seeing the success of Shiba Inu coin and this is one way to kind of commemorate the novel experience by having a Shiba Inu coin logo wallet and

Instead of I mean any other wallet it’s the same exact thing it’s just this one has the shiba inu coin face on it so this is good news guys but it comes as the price is testing all time support levels 800 points per coin on Shiba Inu

Coin is a major it is critical that we hold up this level the only level we have below where we’re getting ready to test right now is 500 points per coin and it was basically a one day Wick down after the May of 2021 run-up if we cannot sustain

That level I really have no idea and I nobody would have no idea where shiv could go because that is the lowest level we have tested since Shiba Inu coin made a name for itself so in the face of all of the regulatory concerns and all of the regulatory riddles that

Are going on out there Shiba Inu coin continues to survive but the real question is will cryptocurrency Thrive if uh if these I was gonna say leaders man but if you’re going to be leading you got to have the respect of those that follow if the people in charge try their best to

Destroy the crypto space I want to know what you guys think that I’m plain and simple down in the comments below are you gonna be getting one of those Cold Storage wallets for Shiba Inu coin and if that button right there is still red make sure to click it subscribe to the

Channel join us become a bro we are here every single day we are growing our portfolios together claybro8a3 everywhere 6 to 12 free stocks on Weeble Koo coin and binance free Discord until the next time hope each and every one of you have an awesome day

Shiba Inu Coin holders are excited to see another partnership to take advantage of the novel love for SHIB in the release of SHIB cold storage wallets.

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