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Shiba Inu Wealth Transfer Mistakes & What's Coming

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  1. @currency365
    I prayed for days to the LORD for ""peak price for shib end of this year 2022""
    And GOD gave me two prices.
    I saw a Bill board with a red background and by the left writing
    Then by the right written $1.22

    The letters are in white colour on a red bill board.
    I put up a video for it. But in the past 2months ago the Lord showed me $0.5
    Then a month ago God showed me $11.4 and I heard his voice Friday 15th……I woke up and check my calendar to find out 15th Friday will be Sept 2023 & Dec 2023

  2. I dreamt last night BTC flash crashed to $0.016 then it immediately shot up from there to 10k…Also had a dream previously of Shib flash crashing to 0.000000009(Not sure of the zeros) then immediately it shot up to 0.13

  3. I'm holding through the fire. In fact God has trained me so well to withstand the fire, I don't even break a sweat while in it. AMEN.

  4. I am glad it has not happened yet. I still have to understand how to position myself. I I transfered my coins in another platform and it is more complicated and no one around me to help. Sorry guys I think it is my fault if it has not happened yet. God wants me in but I am very slow. I even stopped trying and told Him, I will not do anything until u send help.
    That remind me of my father in law who kept asking God to kill him. I told him get urself right with Him and He will take u home. Eventually he did and 10 days later he was gone.

  5. God told us whats coming so we just have to have patients cause hes allowing the enemey to drive fear in the market so people sell there cryptos so we can get more and when that coin pumps God will be glorifed 🤑🤑🤑🤑. Its called Gods strategy. God is strategic. We should pray that these hackers be destroyed and when we convert our profits to a stable coin not cash so even if they hack the exchanges we will get our money back and wont miss the chance to withdraw.

  6. The Lord gave me a dream that shib went up 20698% from .00001700 which takes shib to .0035. Then i asked for comfirmation and in another dream God showed me shiba price was at .0035. I believe this will happen this year and i believe once shiba gets to .0035 it may possibly drop to .000025before its ready to spike up again but im not 💯 sure with the drop to .000025

  7. God knows what Hes doing, God aint late nor early we serve a God with purpose and yall know God can move the unbeliever to do what he wants and they wont even know it. We all just have to wait. God knows our needs God knows our circumstances and situations and will make it all happen in His perfect timing not ours just hold and wait in the Lord

  8. Shibarium most likely will not affect the price. If it does, it's going to drop. Buy the rumor sell the news. Shib's run is going to be organic and spontaneous and most likely the result of massive market manipulation. Look at all the exchanges and banks that are hemoraging. Look at what is going on with the FTX hacker. Look at what the government is doing with regulating the space. It's all culminating into the perfect storm of chain reactions that will cause major swings in either direction. You're not going to be able to pinpoint when the run is going to take place. It's going to happen quickly and appear random. The people interested in Shibarium aren't the ones who we need investing in order to get this to pop off.

  9. I now know the LORD divinely placed you in my life 🙌 HALLELUYAH❣️would you help me invest & understand how all of this works?

    The LORD bless you & give you peace in King Jesus Name 🙏🕊👑🔥

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