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Shiba Inu holders welcome back to the channel why did this just happen recently so the mystery of Wales selling 10 trillion on the same day that shibariums beta launch went live so we all have heard this saying in crypto right by the rumors sell the news type

Of event this was not that in my opinion right because macroeconomically this wasn’t going to drastically impact the price this is laying the foundation for the future of the ship ecosystem but a lot of whales had it as an opportunity to take profits here along the way and I

Wanted to dive into this a little bit deeper and uh shout out to vanad over at Watcher Guru for putting this article together it says here it’s a mystery why the shib wells just some of them dumped 10 trillion ship tokens on the same day that the shibarium beta was launched now

An occasion such as this makes both retail and Wells hold on to their tokens usually anticipating a price pump and especially if they’re a long-term holder but the opposite happened here with some whales the majority of retail investors firmly did hold onto their tokens expecting a price pump but if you’re

Listening to this channel I told you I’m not really expecting a big pop in the price given where we are with our economic you know factors at play and all of the macro things that are more important right but whales jumped shipped and actually went the opposite

Way selling 10 trillion ship tokens when retail investors welcome the shibaran Beta release despite the delay the whales got on a dumping spree now for the uninitiated the top 100 ethereum Wheels holding shib reduced by 10 trillion tokens on that same day and this is reported by end of the block you

Can read more details about all that development here and we’re always tracking those whale wallets but why do these whales sell so who are these whales and why did they go ahead and sell even after shibarium beta was released well the answer to the question could remain a mystery forever as the

Identity of the whales is mostly Anonymous and unknown the beta launch came at a time when the markets faced a crisis due to Silicon Valley Bank facing insolvency hence either the whales dumped the tokens to keep liquidity on hand or move the funds to different assets I think a lot of people were

Freaking out around the same time with the bank runs that were going on now of course we’re getting word that the banks are going to be saved and we’re getting a little crypto rally at the moment we’ll see if that’s just a a little bit

Of a bear trap right and a little bit of a um bear Market rally here before you know we we head back down remember we’re going to get CPI data here very soon but it’s not known if the dump was from the Insiders or general Wales who thought that shibarium would sustainly

Sustainably scale ship’s price in the indices however the early shibarium Beta release did little to nothing to help the ship price the token traded on the razor’s Edge during the weekend it’s up about four percent in the last 24 hours nonetheless shib was trading with five zeros last week and now briefly

Recovered in its price as it’s trading with four zeros 10 right now we could see shib at current levels up about three and a half percent in the last 24 hours Bitcoin and Company and ethereum for example up about eight percent in the last 24 hours so it’s

Interesting because I think you had some macroeconomic troubles and more fears happening so I think the timing just wasn’t perfect when she Baron beta released and I think Wales in general are going to take profits whenever they’re going to take profits most of these whales are deep into the profit

You know taking uh phase and and they’ve got in very very early so you can’t fault them I don’t think there’s too much here to look into I don’t think there’s a sign here that you know things are unfolding or collapsing and this is why whales are selling some people like

To look at it that way I don’t see that being the case here I think you know the timing with the Silicon Valley Bank silvergate kind of issues macroeconomic issues I think people were just simply taking profits here off the top as beta launched but what do you guys think let

Me know your thoughts down below interested to hear your thoughts opinions if you’re also looking to get into trading check out my buy bit link Down Below in the description making money when the market goes up and when it goes down using by bit they’ve been around since 2018 great platform for all

Your trading needs when it comes to crypto trading appreciate you guys we’ll see in the next video


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  1. Shib had its time. Not gonna happen again. Get on Volt and Saitama. Shib is over no matter what it comes out with.

  2. H Zac: Maybe they need the money because they could’ve sold this much higher last year. Truth is we are a depleting cryptocurrency we should find a bottom then bounce of it in my opinion. Investors don’t do math in cryptocurrencies apparently. 65% of current supply is being held at valuations that would be about 0.00005682 USDT. How far away from this are we? Between 5:6 times your money

  3. Shib hasn’t pumped….. I think most crypto content creators create videos every day just for the sake of making a video, hoping to get a ton of views. Really nothing has changed in the past two weeks.

  4. Crypto is the whales playground, a small pop is big doe for them shib and company is long over due for a moonshot!

  5. Despite the financial instability all over the world, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $25,000 from my $4,000 cryptocurrency investment every 14days…

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  7. I wonder if that dump was the rewards the whale had earned through staking? Maybe they have so much that the staking rewards was nothing to them as they hold more.

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